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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Dancing for Goals Achieved

I wish I could say I lost xx pounds.  But, NO, I haven't even been eating well.  Our goal of giving up process foods has been snagged.
1. I broke my kitchen-aid. I really dislike starting dough completely by hand.
2. We're finally trying to move everything to the farm and sell the Ohio house.  So I'm boxing up and packing etc, while still trying to finish the school year. Last week science and math were both completed. The Boy finished his grammar for the year as well!!  - Within the next 2 weeks, The Girl will finish her grammar, they should both finish writing and geography.  And we'll be Done, Done, Done, til I start the summer curricula. (last part sung to Beach Boys fun fun fun til daddy takes the t-bird away.)
3. We've been traveling like CrAzY PeOpLe. Farm with the move and to see Family - both for very happy occasions and for an extremely, rock-bottom sad one.

So, what goal is making me so happy.  After several years of not meeting my scrapbook layout goals.  I've already met my 2014 goal~!!! I know, it's totally amazing! I think I should throw a party.  (...I'll make it a moving party....LOL ...won't the guests be surprised when the arrive?)  I made a goal of 52 layouts, thinking that's only 1 per week and when I miss a few weeks, I could catch up if I get a weekend to myself.  Of course, that's been my goal for the last 4 years and I haven't been able to meet it.  And I knew the major move was coming - so I was keeping my fingers crossed, but not going to get upset if it didn't come to pass.

Last Friday, we had a garage sale after traveling the weekend through Wednesday before.  Of course, Wednesday night and Thursday was a major work day in getting ready.  By the end of Friday, I was ready for some creating, but in mid-April, I started packing away my lovely paper supplies to the point of there is not much I could do. I turned to my digital supply and even bought a few new items.  And between then and now have made layouts number 43 to 52.

 These are a double page layout.

 I can't decide between the green or dark gray title? What do you think?

I really like paper more than digital, but I like that the stories are told and it has helped with my creative outlet needs.  Although I must admit I used templates for every single one.  GetItScrapped has digital templates now and several came from there. The rest were old Designer Digital templates.  I've made a list of another 44 layouts that can be completed digitally.  There is another 30 I'd like to tell traditionally if the move is complete and the supplies get back out.