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Friday, April 29, 2016

What Day Is It?

It's FRIDAY!!!! This means you can enjoy a couple of chuckles or at least a smile. These are ones that spoke to me this week.
I thought of this one this last Wednesday as I made banana bread for breakfast. I froze a few for smoothies too.


We really can get only 2 glasses of wine from a bottle, you just need the right wine glass. Ok, I don't do that, but I am really bad at the fill line. We use these big balloon type glasses and I never know where it should go in them.

So if you remember earlier this week I mentioned that I couldn't resist a stamp and die set from someone's blog and had to order more things since I was placing an order. So this seems not too funny anymore, just too true.

Have a Happy Friday!!
Me, I'm off to the grocery stores, so I'll really need to remember things that make me smile. I go in the morning, because by afternoon, this could happen...

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Craft Room - Scrap Side

From my previous posts you can see the general layout of my little space.

and oh, yeah, I forgot the disclaimer.  You know the drill by now, but I gotta include it. I have a room that will be eventually remodeled, but it's last on the list. When the contractors had to break into the walls and ceiling to add extra support for the upstairs while leveling the house, I didn't have them make their dry wall patch look nice. I couldn't do the extra cost for something that will be replaced. So the messed dry wall and dark blue walls are not me.

So this is is my scrap side of the desk.

 The cube system on the scrap side. Don't mind the taped bag to the floor. There is a vent that goes directly to the basement in the middle of the floor without anything to attach to it on the other side. We taped as many holes while the contractors were down there jacking up the house in December. When the floors get redone in here the hole will go away. But I like the bag there as I don't lose die cuts and small bits down to the basement. On to what's in the brown cubes.

The top left cube has doilies and silhouette die cuts, tissue tape, and smaller mistables.
The top middle cube comprises folders cut to size inside and are labeled: girl, boy, religious, school/office, envelopes, etc. plus all of my rub-ons are in there.
The top right cube houses all things flower: dies, punches, and flowers of all shapes and sizes.
The middle left cube is empty.
The middle middle cube contains clear stamps of various types.
The middle right cube holds religious stamps.
The bottom left cube includes embroidery floss and tulle and burlap.
The bottom middle cube is naked chipboard.
The bottom right cube alphabet stickers.

Note: My stamps could use a bit more organization. I have been thinking of taking them apart and grouping them by type. All arrows together, all hearts, all cameras, all flourishes, all stars, etc.  I've only ever heard of one other person doing it this way, Aeryn Kelly. She shows it in this video and the stamp section is around 16:20. So it'll go on my list of things to do. I would want to know who the manufacturer and what set they are from though.

My jetmax and recollection cubes set on rolling planter stands so I can move them around easily.

From top to bottom:
From left to right: 
all things heart including dies (excluding punches)
all things stars including dies  (excluding punches
slick writers for fabric and paper, pearls, alcohol inks, stickles, and distress reinkers.

Note: I see that my heart and stars don't include the punches. For the stars there is easily room to include them. For the hearts, I may need to include another drawer for hearts or think of a different space for them. Hearts are one of my go to embellishments.

The first 2 smaller drawers are all die cuts and stickers and newer ephemera
The larger drawer houses stampin' up reinkers. then labels, arrows, tabs, frames, and tags. I use the very back part to hold small things that are presents for the kids (currently a video for my son is in there).  You can never have too many hiding spots.

All things dragon for my son, acorn for my hubs, and owl for my daughter.
Scrap paper.

 All things butterfly including dies and punches. This is packed full.
Wine corks. (I said I was going to make trivets with them when I started saving them. It's been over 4 years, and I have yet to make a one.)
Embossing supplies, flock, pearl ex, mica powders.

Overall I'm fairly happy with this set up. While standing at the craft desk, if I turn right I'm directly in reach of all my paper. If I turn around I have my dies and sizzix, my markers, 6x6, embossing folders, and bling from the bookcase.  Keep turning or turn to the left, I get to my stamping station and my peg board on the top with the smaller embellies.

Still a work in progress, but I definitely have found some things that work for me.  Does your space work for you?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

WOYWW - 360

We're off this morning to my dd's doctors appointment. So this post is actually being typed on Tuesday evening.  If you're curious about the workdesks and want to see others, visit the Stamping Ground.  If I didn't get round to you in the morning when I post this, I will get round to you on Thursday.

I'm building page kits for our May Challenge over at 2 Peas Refugee; where you set your own goals and work on what interests you. We are there to encourage one another.  Also, anyone can post a prompt or challenge that we can use as inspiration, but you don't have to use those either.  We like to make things user friendly.  I love things like this SOO much. Like Calvinball at Get It Scrapped, where you are just encouraged to make your own things. I'm pulling more photos to print when I sit at my desk and have the journaling typed up on a word document for the photos with the photo dates on it. Then when I print, I can cut the journaling apart and place it with the photos. I'll know the photo dates as well. For those photos that are already printed, I'm putting pictures with papers and tossing them in bag and adding any memorabilia.

This is my desk. It has been for both Monday and Tuesday.

Here's what's finished so far.

Above is Christmas papers and embellishments with 2 different years: 2012 (as I already did a couple of layouts for that year) and 2011 photos printed out. I did 2014 in digital format. I think other years will all be digital format as well.

Above is various other topics.  Some are more lengthy subjects that will get pocket pages. So I'd like I've pulled those pocket pages too, and I'll probably use my fuse tool as well.


I'm awaiting an order of paper for 2 different sets of photos.  I know I'm on a spending freeze, and I would have made due......but......I actually found a Stampendous Hummingbird stamp and die set on this blog.  Stampendous was out and so I was going to wait til it was in stock. BUT it's a HUMMINGBIRD!  Did you see how cute that is! I'm totally going to copy that card too!  When I checked the retailers, A Cherry On Top was one. It's one of my 3 preferred providers. So I had to order. Since I was ordering, I might as well get paper that is more befitting some of the photos. Halloween papers (I don't typically buy collections) and a winter themed set.

That's it for me. Hoping for a sunny and warm day to go play after the doctor visit.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Oh Look, A Project!

With a 100 year old farm house and grounds to refurbish, homeschooling the kids, my daughter's health issues, and cooking whole foods mainly from scratch (mainly, because with my daughter being off gluten and egg for the last year, I've stopped grinding my own wheat and making my own breads; although I really need to start this again and my son, at least once a week, enjoys frozen foods, canned soup, and boxed mac and cheese in his teenage hunger games). Sometimes I feel I have too much on my plate.  We've been in the farm house completely for 19 months now, with the kids & I were here off and on for a year before that. Finally, things are starting to get into a rhythm around here.  Although many home projects are on the list, I can't forget the crafting. I get a little mean if I don't have access to a crafty pursuit for a few weeks. This month, I started  #the100dayproject where my craft of choice is practicing hand lettering. Also, I'm taking part of the April blogging challenge (see the side bar). As I share my craft space and basic organization here each Thursday, I'm creating a list of projects that will need to be accomplished.  I'm also trying to prep page kits for May's Layout Challenges over at 2Peas Refugees.

Of course, other things are on the list or have already been in the works: I tend to ebb and flow in working on them.

Right now this one is getting my attention.  Putting my albums in order:

Within the last 8 months, I've purchased new classic leather 12x12 3-ring albums in strawberry for my daughters albums and in the aqua for my son's. I purchased gold albums for Christmas layouts. Before this all my albums were black and a mish-mash of makers and types (linen, vinyl, leather).  But seeing these all lined up, makes me so very happy. Seriously, it's like as happy as using my new kitchen faucet happy - and that's extremely happy! I'm debating orange for my stories or for my side of the family stories (my bil likes orange too). I think navy for hubs. I'm thinking a couple of brown ones for our zoo pages.  Maybe coral for the ones about me and hubs.  I was thinking kiwi for my husband's side of the family, because one nephew's favorite color is green, but I really want them for our everyday family albums. The first thing to stop me was the cost, I should wait a bit, save up. So I waited, then I realized I should get my albums in order first. I have taken pages out for various other projects and not put them back, and I have not printed digital pages since 2009. This past weekend I ordered all of those digital layouts that I've been meaning to print and hadn't. In a couple of weeks, when the prints arrive, I'll start the process of inputting everything into the right album and going through to look for gaps and to see if anything needs a separate album.  The idea makes me think, 'oh, another project' in a not so fun and thrilling way and has me giddy with excitement all at the same time. Although it's an ongoing project and it may take me a year or two to get all of the albums and to get it switched over, I know it will give me great pleasure to see various colored albums standing nicely in a row.

Do you have a list of crafty projects?

Monday, April 25, 2016

Mondays Are For Sharing 4/25

Hurray for Monday!  OK, I know most people hate Monday's.  But Monday's are the day I share anything I've made from Wednesday through the weekend. so...Hurray for Sharing!!!

I reworked a digital layout. I used Mommyish - I'm so Fancy mini-kit and Creashens Black Tie Alphabet. My babies are so small here. They don't put on shows for me anymore. BooHoo!

There was no attempt at playing with a traditional paper layout this week.  I did keep up on my #the100dayproject of practicing hand lettering. Yay, Me! I did NOT keep up on instagramming each day. My Bad!  Here's each day.
The last 2 days have focused on block styled letters. If I get them to where I'm happy with them tomorrow, I'll add embellishment to them, like diagonal lines or crosshatches.

Also, I played in my Bible Art Journaling book. I don't have a journaling Bible and I just don't think I'd be comfortable mucking up the pages of a real Bible to where you can't read the words underneath. I highlight and pen notes and tuck things in, but that's as far as it goes. So I alter an old book for my spiritual enlightenment.

This is a page idea that came to me as I was struggling with really listening to God. He tells me to do this "x" and I grumble. Or I do it, and I grumble. Grumble, grumble grumble. It needs to stop and this is my reminder.
 My daughter thinks my ear is way off. Hey, I'm not an artist, but I know what it is. Then I created a page right after and put a tip-in of 27 verses that deal with listening to God.

A "tip-in" is when you add something into the middle or onto a page. I used washi, but you could use a strip of glue or sewing or ....whatever.

And my work in progress, page for Glory Art Scripture Challenge 2015 Challenge #1. Yeah, I'm that far behind.

My alpha stamp backs have lost their stickiness and kept falling off the blocks. Plus each set had 1 or more missing letters. Think I'll need to add some alpha stamps in a good size to my next purchase.
The inside of the shield has Proverbs 30:5 printed on the edge. The inside is just my note to myself to start each day with God. Being in His word helps me stay focused.  The page with the little bit of washi is awaiting further decoration.  Not sure what I'll end up with.

That's it for me this week. Hope to start a layout today or tomorrow.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Funny Friday 4/22

Hurray for Friday!  Ok, it's not really a hurray here. Hubs got home yesterday afternoon and has to leave this afternoon. He's going to help our Uncle move some things and taking the boy with him. So a girls weekend, but I'm not quite up for being the center of entertainment. So I could use some laughs to get me started.  What about you? Hope these make you smile or laugh out loud depending upon the one.
 Ok, I'd keep the vegetables, but I'd definitely throw out the electric bill.

This would be waiting for Mom and from my son.

Above mentioned son. Enough said.

Have a Fantastic Friday!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Craft Room Organization - The Room Overview and Paper Storage.

Please remember my disclaimer. Yes, I do have to include it in every room post. I have a room that will be eventually remodeled, but it's last on the list. When the contractors had to break into the walls and ceiling to add extra support for the upstairs while leveling the house, I didn't have them make their dry wall patch look nice. I couldn't do the extra cost for something that will be replaced. So the messed dry wall and dark blue walls are not me.

This is the view from just inside my doorway.

The closest closetmaid 9 cube is my mixed media side of the craft desk. (You can see my post about the mixed media side here. You can see my desk and bookshelf #1 here. You can see my scraps storage here.)

My scrapbook side is on the far side, and you can see the kitchen butcher block/island that is my stamping station, a pegboard with various things.

There are 2 bookshelves that set back to back. The one that faces toward the non-crafty side of the room is used to store hand towels & wash clothes, extra bathroom supplies and medical supplies. However, the bottom shelf houses crafting books and page protectors. 

A rolling cart sets beside the craft desk. It houses punches, my laminator and foil, some duct tape, my camera, and ??.  I still have a blue canvas bin that could be filled.

THE RED CIRCLE - Future home of a large pegboard unit, which will house my stencils for sure. 

THE RED X. I've blocked it off this door, and only use the door off of the great room. I go back and forth over whether I want to get rid of this door altogether in the remodel or leave it, just in case so I can change the room design around or whatnot. (or whatnot happens to be one of my new favorite little words.)

PAPER STORAGE:  You can see my paper tower. It's 4 jet max or recollection cubes with dividers.  I put them on a planter rolling base. So it's very easy to roll it out of the way and clean.

Top Cube:
  • black/gray; 
  • browns/kraft; 
  • cream/white; 
  • specialty (vellum/tranparency, mulberry, velvety). 
Second from Top Cube:
  • TH coordinations cardstock pack and Navy cardstock; 
  • Polka Dots divided into tone and tone and mixed colors, wood grain, striped, & more neutral tone on tone patterns;
  • Office, school, text, grids, sandpaper, canvas, shaped papers
  • Music books, mulberry, chipboard
Third Cube:
  • Paper pads
  • Feminine papers & Masculine papers
  • Collection kits
  • My Minds Eye
Final Cube:
  • Homey or Vintage feeling papers, Old Cocoa Daisy kits, a set that need to be gone through
  • Vibrant papers, and older MME paper pad papers (these could be moved to the other MME slot)
  • Older Collection kits, Travel themed papers
  • Basic Grey
On top of the tower is old tins. Several are empty. i have twine in one, washi in one, flair in one.

This is my stamping station and pegboard. 

Behind the door is stamps. SU! sets (I used to be a demonstrator), and other wood mounted, all alphabet stamps.  The 2 bottom shelves: inks, applicators, and stamping pad. The top is still leftover Calvinball carnage that needs to be put away. (Hey, don't judge, it's only been 21 days).  It also has my SU ink caddy, which is all dye inks. I bought the white Recollections embellishment holder for PL styled cards storage. I have them by orientation. They don't really fit, so I don't recommend it. But I use it. Also the We R Memory Keepers one looks like it's discontinued (boo hoo). 
The pegboard has various things I like to keep close by. The screw/nail organizer holds eyelets, brads, sequins, wood veneer, buttons and all things tiny.
The sewing drawers (setting on the floor between the stamp station and the bookshelf) hold 12" border strips, rubber bands, O rings, and a couple of drawers are empty.

Bookshelf #2

On top of the literature holder is wax paper, freezer paper, 2gallon sized bags, and a basket with smaller bags and used larger bags.  Since I don't get into these often, it's a great out of the way place that is still accessible.

1. The literature holder houses 8.5x11 paper sorted by color including specialty.
2. An old pepsi bottle holder on its side is used for markers. Then I have my copics, colored pencils, and a small basket that has alphabet rub-ons (I think these should go with my alphabet stamps so I remember to use them). 
3. The wire baskets are from Michaels and I love them.  They are my favorite organization tool.  I love that they are open, I hate lids. The contain the mess without looking bad. From front to back: basket 1 - Enamel Dots, Bling and Pearls; a second paper trimmer; basket 2 - 6x6 pads; basket 3 - embossing folders and metal stencils.
4. All things sizzix big kick:  Sizzix pads and utensils. Basket 1 - Shapes; Basket 2 - alphabets; Basket 3 - seasonal & holiday. (obviously this is the spellbinder, technique tuesday, sizzix, my favorite things and all other brands of dies)
5. SU roller stamps (thinking this will go in an iris style 4"x 12"x12" box and slid under the stamping station). Sizzix Big Kick.
6. circle cutter and scoreboard. The right side is various 12x12 acrylic shapes, 12x12 stamp sets, and 12x12 chipboard sets which is topped off with my drawing tools in a blue pouch.
7. My coluzzle. and a blank space for something flat.
8. colored cardstock and various projects and other papers that were bought with a special project in mind.  The special project papers need to be gone through. I should decide if it's still a project that I'll do and if I want to keep it. Or if it's not, I should integrate into my paper storage.

That's enough for one day!  Next Thursday, the scrapping side of the work desk. 
Have a terrific Thursday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

WOYWW - 359

Hello Wednesday!  It's that time of the week where we show off our desks and projects that we've been working on. If you want to play, go HERE.

This is my desk this week.
 Believe it or not this is clean for me.  I had just fininshed a layout yesterday morning and hadn't taken a pic of it. And my handlettering practice from yesterday afternoon, which I didn't instagram until today.

Yesterday started #the100dayproject. This is where you pick something creative to do everyday and then do it. From April 19th through July 27th. I picked practicing hand lettering. I wanted something easy to do anywhere. I can take this with me to the beach, outside by the campfire, in front of the TV.  You get the idea. I've been wanting to practice and have taken small steps here and there. With committing to 100 days, I'm hoping my hand lettering skills will go from blah to ok.

Then there is this layout. It's for the Scrap Our Stash challenge. You use the sketch then choose 1 thing from each column. I used a pl card (the ALL AMERICAN is actually cut from it), lined paper (the red white and blue is lined), the the color (KU Crimson) red.  Since my photos were so much larger than the sketch, I made my background mat and the bottom cluster bigger as well. Since the papers where so bright and bold, I kept the embellishment to a minimum. I also put  small borders of either vellum or white typing paper around the pattern papers to give some breathing room to the patterns.

If you aren't already playing along with any of the above, there's still time!! 
Hope you have a lovely Wednesday.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Brrrr -- It'sGetting Cold Here

No, I don't live in the southern hemisphere.  I've been going through my room set up and organization (I post about here on the blog on Thursdays) and have realized that I have WAY TOO MUCH stuff.  So, if you have a lot of things, what do you do?  You go into the freezer!! Brrr!

Treyaut was the first one to use that term that I remember (old 2 peas). She is now over at  And there is a facebook group all about being on a spending freeze until X # of layouts are created. You choose the number, but typically people were choosing 50, but many also do not count their monthly kit clubs.

Since I've created 30 layouts in the last month and a half, I realized that I need to go on a spending freeze, but that before I did I needed a couple of things. You know, one final hurrah before my self inflicted sentence.

During the last couple of weeks, I finally brought out that laminator and foil from early 2015. I needed more foil! Not wanted, NEEDED!  Have you foiled anything???  If you have, you know. It's addictive. I can't wait to do it again. Thus this order from Amazon:
Aren't they pretty!!!???!!!

Another thing I found lacking in my stash were certain sizes of scallop and circle punches. I decided to purchase one in each of the missing sizes and wait for the others. My ATG tape was down to my last 3 rolls, so I bought a set of 24.  They only sent me 12, so I hope to get that corrected. My kid gel crayons which are similar to gelatos were running out. OK, they were really the kids gel crayons that I put into my stash, but in all fairness my daughter has full access to all of my supplies and uses them more than I do.  So I bought the brights and pastels of the gelatos.  M's carries them and you can use a coupon.  Since I was at M's I picked up a Hop to It clearance wood veneer, a set of labels, and a My Mind's Eye 6x6 pad.

Kelly over at 2peas refugee's talk about a Blitzy order recently. So I checked out Blitzy and their awesome deals. I had realized during my last layout binge that my washi doesn't seem as diverse as it should be. So I ended up with 4 tubes of Create 365. The Jen Hadfield ephemera pack and black and white sequins were too good to pass up. The label dies would definitely fill a void in my collection. I use a lot of labels. To finish off the order, some Maya Roads butterflies that weren't needed at all, but they are butterflies, therefore justified in my mind.

I've been collecting the Shimelle Starshine line in bits and pieces and have a few of Crate Papers Hello Love as well. When notified me that the starshine ephemera pack was in, I had to order. Since I was ordering, I picked up a sticker set for Hello Love, Shimelle Christmas magic papers and white cardstock and tinsel bows for those Christmas layouts I'm finally going to tackle. Then I added in a Prima Creating In Faith stamp set for Bible Art Journaling, which I do in an art journal and not a Bible.

Shopping is finished. Now on to creating. Creating like a fool.  Creating to make a real dent in this stash. To get to the ultimate goal, to buy more supplies! Because that's happiness.

Wishing you all much crafting happiness today!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday's Are For Sharing 4/18

Sharing layouts, that is.

This is the only thing I've gotten finished through the week.

School Mascot: this was for a sketch/scraplift challenge over at the 2peas refugee board. I was taken by the black with white semi-circle paper which is why I chose the  hexagon paper. It's one that you can add your own color to. I used a Lindy Stamp gang flat fabio ink.  Then I couldn't stand the idea of covering the paper, so it became my top layer and then it was a free for all.  I also added in the challenge over at Scrap Our Stash.  You had to use at least 2 clouds and use the book cover for inspiration, so I also took the speech bubble where I used the "Check It Out" one; the colors of green and blue; and I liked how everything was clustered together and on top of which I mimicked as well.

Quite frankly, for 2015 my scrapbook layout goal was 52 and I only finished 39, so I thought this years goals were still a reach. This year, 2016, my goal was 48 layouts. That's not even one layout a week. I was hoping that I wasn't overshooting. But I'm already at 31 layouts for the year. (I have one on my desk almost finished so I'm guaranteed another layout this week.) So exciting! I'm already over halfway to my goal and still have 8 more months plus a couple of weeks. But I really need to tackle those Christmas photos.

 Have a Happy Monday! Hope you get crafty!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Funny Friday

Welcome to Friday! and the continuing Blog Challenge at 2Peas Refugee. Take a look at the sidebar for details.

Any day to share laughter is a good day.  My hope these make you chuckle as they did me.

Have a wonderful and fun Friday!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Craft Room Organization - The Desk & Bookshelf One

OK, OK, I know I shouldn't share this.  Please remember my disclaimer from the other day. I have a room that will be eventually remodeled, but it's last on the list. When the contractors had to break into the walls and ceiling to add extra support for the upstairs while leveling the house, I didn't have them make their dry wall patch look nice. I couldn't do the extra cost for something that will be replaced. So the messed dry wall and dark blue walls are not me.

This is why I haven't been using my silhouette cameo recently.  Since the rest of the room is piled with things that will go to other parts of the house, I can't get to my filing cabinet.  Things have just been getting piled up higher and higher. I feel like one more piece and the whole desk will topple.

So last Saturday, I took the opportunity of cleaning up some of the craft area. I started with the desk. I can now easily use my silhouette. Hurray!

I've decided that I really want a bulletin board behind my computer. It would be great to pin bills to be paid and things I want to remember. Also please note that the yellow doodled post it notes are doodles from my husband while he was working at my desk. My daughter leaves me tiny cootie catchers, little paper hats, and airplanes if she watches a show on my computer. I'm loved. Also this desk will be replaced sooner rather than later. I've seen some at goodwill, but I need a compact with a keyboard tray. (my keyboard tray is broken and beyond repair.)

This is the bookshelf that is close to my desk.

  1. The top shelf has plastic shoe boxes with ribbon, fibers, and lace. Yeah, that's a lot of ribbon. There is a black plastic drawer unit that houses foam stamps. On top of that is boxes with beads and such. A Tattered angel book that I haven't put together yet.  And the wire crate made into shelves. I've used these for in progress projects or for drying time to art journal pages and to store newer craft items to use until I integrate them into my storage. I love this. I do need a step stool to get to the top, but that's ok. These will all stay here and as is.
  2. My stories to be told and ideas.  My calendar swap calendar, which still needs to be put up, but I want to paint the base. The green wooden basket has my glue gun and deco art foil. Those have already been moved and the basket is now empty. My glue gun out on my craft desk. And I just found a spot for my laminator, so the foil moved closer to it. Next on the same shelf is spray glues and hair spray.
  3. I have video stuff, printer ink, and the red circled area is my stencils.  My stencils I would like to put a layer of duct tape around them. It helps give an extra area to protect your page, although it doesn't look pretty. Then I'll attach J-hooks to them so that I can hang them from a pegboard.
  4. A rolodex quote swap holder. My photo printer. Above the printer is a space saver shelf insert. It currently is housing all of my current Shimelle lines, especially as I await pieces of Starshine. And a few other choice pieces of currents (hello, love and finders keepers). They should be in the top shelf wire crate, but I had a huge box in the way and couldn't put them away. I think I'd like to find a better spot for "current: to use" items anyway
  5. Some white cardstock for the silhouette, printer paper, acetate, labels, Bibles, prayer binder & study things, Bible art journaling material. A handcrafted box that will go upstairs to my bedroom once the kids rooms are finished. Then onto the boxes which will possible find a new home, they contain - hot glue shapes for gelli printing, clay, beads, acrylic fragments. My light box and some various pieces that are in progress or that the kids had completed.
  6. My Silhouette shelf. All things silhouette. Only thing missing is my vinyl.
  7. The bottom shelf is various papers and then books for mixed media.
You can see the bookshelf sets next to my mixed media cart.

I'm loving sharing how I've currently gotten things arranged, as it reminds me what I want to change or what needs work. I've started a list of items that I'll need to do as a result.  Score.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Hurray for WOYWW. I used to participate. Of course, I couldn't continue due a move, and we're still in the middle of renovations on the 100 year old house. But I did finally get back to creating, and now thanks to the blog challenge at 2Peas Refugee (see the note on my sidebar) I ran across the someone participating in WOYWW.  It reminded me that I should totally start checking out others workdesks.

Here's mine for the week: 

I have a layout that I'm working on, several things that need to be put away: manilla tags, a red sharpie, some chipboard letters that spell out my son's name, a metal buckle?, a glitter tube, glass wrap foil, and a wine cork.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Recently, I participated in the 2 peas swap chat facebook group swap of journaling spots. I never seem to have time to join in a lot of these swaps. But when I do, I'm always so happy to receive such lovely items back.

I belonged to these groups:




I've used  mine on my Country Girl layout (the cork arrow with AWESOME stamp and the bike). I see the bunny going on our easter egg coloring page.

Anything Goes

Owls are my daughters favorite, so if she doesn't snag that one to use herself, it will definitely go on a page with her featured.

So cute. I can't wait to use them.

Do you like to participate in swaps?