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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

WOYWW 376 - Finally some play

Hello Deskers,

I'm happy to share my desk is back to a  pile of papers. No time for mixed media play, but I've finally had some time to scrapbook. I use page kits that I put  together myself with just paper and no embellishments to work from so it makes it super easy. I've also been working on my least favorite part of scrapbooking -- the dreaded photo editing. I am developing a worksheet to let me know what size photos I have, whether the photos are for a layout, a pocket page (and which design) or a double page spread. Also if the photos go into a pocket page but with multiple smaller stories (I guess this would be my equivalent of PL). It's a work in progress.

Sorry on to the desk. As of yesterday evening, I have a page in progress. I had to go work on the journaling. My wine from last week is traded out for the giant water. Yesterday was  a mowing day - needed to hydrate.

and the layouts I've completed.
 I often don't include titles if I put it in the journaling.But I do think I'll go back and add "Beating the Storm" to this one.

So that's it for my desk. I'll catch up with you later over at Julia's, as it started thundering which brought both of my children downstairs at 6am, and I have them laying on the couch and chair to see if they'll go back to sleep. Of course, puppy thinks he's up for the day and being a terror, so I don't know how that'll work out for them.

Have a happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Hello Deskers,

For the last 2 weeks, I hit every desk listed at Julia's blog. Well, except for those that I couldn't find a comment section (I think there was 1 person 2 weeks ago. And last week, there was one that I couldn't figure out which post was their WOYWW post.  Still Crazy that I've hit almost every desk! Crossing my fingers I can do it again.

You are here for crafty endeavors for the week. And let's face it: to see what happened to that mess of a desk from last week. Well as for crafty endeavors. Not a smidgen of creative activity.  However, the desk is cleaned up. The view yesterday evening, complete with a wine to sip.

Mere days ago, I spent some time putting my digital layouts into my daughter's albums. Yesterday I worked on my son's. You can also see the watercolor paper on the top section of the photo. I had used this to demonstrate the salt technique for an AJ class and think that this will be the first layer for new ATCs which I still have yet to work on. Since this photo, the desk is actually cleaned off again - to be nice and tidy.  AWE.  Now if I could get some time where I'm not exhausted by the other activities of life.

Wishing you all a craft happy week!

Friday, August 5, 2016

A Hodge Podge of Activity

Wednesday had me schlepping my laundry out to do. On Tuesday as I was piling it in my van, my wonderful husband had a great idea of me trying to get passports for myself and the kids. Sometime in our future, we are planning to visit an area where the border of MI and Canada is so close it would be a shame to not pop across. I went to the designated place to find out the information needed: Hubs and I both would need to be present to get passports for the kids. So I went home, filled out the forms, grabbed the proper identification, and snagged up the family. It was really quite an easy and painless process, well, except for the pocket book which is still groaning and moaning over the cost of 3 passports. Then we had a bit of an unexpected adventure afternoon which included a ride up the peninsula with a view of the lovely wineries, a library book sale with 5 stuffed bags for $10, and an antique shop. Super fun and relaxing afternoon that makes you forget that you had to go to the laundromat. (The piece for my washer came yesterday, so hopefully I won't have to do that again soon.)
Great view, huh?

Yesterday, had me cleaning off that mess of a desk I shared on Wednesday. You know, so I can make a bigger mess. 

This meant I had to put away all of lines by Shimelle (AC). I put all of the papers in one bin, including things from cutaparts and all of the embellishments in another.

 My new purchases needed to be put away too. These are from a scrap store. No more than $4 for the lot.

 A sale at Joann's, plus a coupon led to the above. Yes, all I needed was the fabri-tac glue so that I could fix a lampshade. The stencils were all clearanced at 1.97 and have 2 sizes in each.

The latest layout that I finally finished. I really hate when real life gets in the way of my play time.
Photos are from 2009. I even spent some time yesterday afternoon organizing all of dd's layouts in her albums.  And started a new layout. However, then I decided I really need to get messy. So I cleaned the desk off again. Some mixed media backgrounds to follow.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

WOYWW 374 - A Mess I Tell Ya'

Getting Straight to the Mess this morning.

Although I did finally finish the layout that has been setting on it for the last 3 weeks. I couldn't find the right color of glitter paper but did find the right color of glitter. So after using my silhouette to cut out a cursive welded words, I applied glue and glitter. The glitter does come off a bit. I should have mixed it with gel medium instead. I think of that for art journaling but not for scrapbooking. Smacking myself in the head now.  The layout is under my composition book (that is where I keep my to do lists). I have some foam veggie trays that can be used for making my own stamps or for relief prints.

I have a clear container that I thought I'd see if all of my Shimelle collection would fit into it. The 12x12 pads don't work so well in it. Not to worry, I have a different container that I think will work. I just didn't have any more time. I still have the papers from the page kit I was working on and 2 more photos to do with those papers.

But I'm itching to get some mixed media going. Peggy aplSEEDS shared a site called atcforall when I was so excited about my first ATCs for the 7th anniversary. I just joined the site and am seriously anxious to get in on a couple of swaps.  (Thanks Peggy. I know your on holiday and probably won't read this.)

That's it for me. I will be visiting everyone tomorrow. As my washer has broken. The rubber seal needs replacing. I ordered the part yesterday, but it will be next week before it comes and hubs can repair.  So I am off this morning to the laundromat. ugh.

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