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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Good morning to all! I'm hoping that this year hasn't rushed past you as it seems to have me. I'm a little in awe this morning that there is only 2 plus a little less than 1/2 a month left of the year.  But you are not here to listen to complaints of time slippage or my laments over the fast pace of life.  You came over today because Wednesday is the day we show off our workdesk in the crafty world.  My desk this week was all with stolen pieces of sporadic seconds. Here is my desk.

The 4 page layout I finished was put to the side as I rushed to create some altered rolodex cards in a fall theme for a swap due in 9 days. Nothing like jumping in early to get things completed! lol. They are in the middle section of the desk (another photo is below) . Then late into last night I started pondering the rest of the swap components which my ideas are in the smattering of the desk middle.  On the left you will see some banner kits from Target. I thought I'd put together a Halloween Banner. On the far right is some pattern papers a cardstock that I picked up at the local hardware/grocery store. Yes, I said hardware/grocery store!  Blew my mind too! I've already used a few of those sheets before and love the colors.

Here are my rolodex cards in all of their glory.  I like how they turned out.

Thanks for visiting my workdesk. I've had a lot going on over the last few weeks and have been late to several desks, not even hitting them all. Hope to hit everyone this week, however, it still may take a couple of days. 

Linking up to Julia's desk hop - Here.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Hello, deskers!  Today I have quite the mess for your viewing pleasure!

While we were away last weekend for the Art Prize viewing, I received a message from a swap host. I guess I had signed up for a swap when she was needing 1 more person and had forgotten about it. Yikes. So this desk shot is the frenzy of activity that arose from me trying to complete the skinny border and title swap items to get in the mail this week.

I had over a month if I would have remembered. I kept feeling like I might have signed up for another swap somewhere, but for the life of me couldn't find or figure out where it was. I thought it was another ATC swap.   Oh, well, they are done and I'm actually fairly happy with them. So today, I get to finish off the grape jelly and start making applesauce -- Two things I've been putting off whilst working on swaps.

Linking up over at Julia's. Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

WOYWW 383 - When You Think You're Finished, But You're Not

When I wok this morning, my immediate thought was to finish my current crafty project. With the horrendous mess, I then decided I should clean it up so I could start my next layout. As my baby wipe is wiping my non-stick craft mat, this thought ran through my head, "YIKES! It's Wednesday! I should have left the mess!" 

Sorry! I know it's so much more interesting to see the mess than a clean -ish desk.

I've been a crafty fool this week. I had 2 projects where I thought I was finished, but the more I looked at them, the more I wasn't satisfied and had to add to it.
First was my 8x8 calendar swap.

It was ok looking in the above form, but it was just missing that little extra. So I reprinted the calendar smaller and matted it and used Thickers for the month and year. Much Better!

The next one was this layout. It was part of a challenge. I had to use the layered top element and the ribbon border with it attached to something. It just didn't scream done to me. So I added the stamp next to the ribbon, the tag under the burlap banner, and the string in the banner. Much better.

Our uncle is getting an honor flight to DC today. It's related to his service in the military. So I made 3 quick cards to send to him with thanks.


I finished my journaling spots for a swap this morning.

 Busy, busy, busy.  I will be visiting desks later this week, but I won't have time today.  Linking up to the Stamping Ground's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I can't believe how little I've accomplished in the week it's been. Yet, I've been busy. Today, you see the clean desk from last week in it's first throw-up mode. If I can keep it cleaned up between projects that stays in first throw-up mode. If I work on top of remnants of other project we move on to 2nd and 3rd throw-up mode.

Since last week, I received some happy mail and put it away. Finished a layout and put away the stuff to make said layout. The layout is under the pile of stamps at the far left of the desk. Shared in my last post if you want to see.   This is mainly my 8x8 calendar swap in progress. The little leprechaun's probably give away that my month is March. My dd watched me add glossy accents to little parts of the fussy cut figures yesterday and exclaimed her love for me after ahhing over the bottle.  It ROCKS having a person who gets and enjoys crafting living in the same house!!!  The kid's Bible memory work box ended up on here too since yesterday. My "has to be completed by Sunday layout challenge information" is in the top right corner of the desk. I'm struggling with the exact concept to take this one, so it sets there as a reminder to mull it over in the back of my mind.

That's my desk. Linking to the Stamping Ground so I can be off to see all the other creative desks this week.

Monday, September 26, 2016

One Stylin Girl enjoying the process

The balance between quickly telling my stories in the limited bits of time I have, and creating pages with creativity that I releases my happy endorphin's that I desperately need is a struggle to say the least.  On a facebook swap group, we have been having a craft war. Each week our hostess puts up a new challenge, and we play along.  If you complete the challenge by the allotted time, you move forward. Instead of my 90% methods of either pick and stick speed scrapping or doing just the bare minimum to get it done. I've been challenging myself to get creative with these layouts. To enjoy the process even more.

Here is this week's page.

We had a sketch: The layout needed to have at least 4 layers, a large page flag, and a layered title.

What I like:
 The page flag is super cool as a sequin pocket that used my fuse. I love that I have glitter, sequins, wood veneer stars, the pipe cleaner flowers and the wood veneer glasses that I embossed with silver to match the ones my dd is wearing in the photo.
The hand stitching on the title layer. I love stitching but am too lazy to do it.
The blue flower in the bottom right cluster was actually made by my dd and given to me on a birthday gift in 2012. I love that!!
My silver bow! I am THE WORST at bow tying. I used youtube and a video that showed you how to tie bows with a fork to get this one. It worked!!

What I didn't like/learned:
The stitching was difficult on the smaller parts of the lettering even when I used only 3 strands of embroidery thread and a smaller needle. After welding the word together my silhouette software would not let me edit points. Maybe you can't within letters. If I were to do this again. I would read up and see first about edits or use a thicker font.
I liked using the small sequins on the N and R of my San Serif font, but it was so difficult to get a straight row. I'd do less of them and take more time.

I still have my journaling to do. Typically I'd just write on the pattern paper at the bottom and be done. But.... I really like the look of the layout and don't want my bad handwriting to detract from it, something I don't care about on a quicker page. I'm thinking of telling the story on the back side. Still debating.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy, OH, So Happy

* Photo Heavy Post *  Just giving you a warning up front. 

My desk yesterday mid-morningish. The bottom box is the Fancy Pants Design Warehouse Box.

It says so right on the label!!

The WRMK scallop die was ordered with the circle die during the making of a scrapbook layout where I was afraid I was going to have to stop and actually execute what I wanted on my cameo.  Look at all those Feed Your Craft Flairs!!!  They make me so happy. I've wanted so many that I waited for the latest sale to purchase.

It led to a conundrum though.  I tend to keep the flair with the original packaging, at least until there is only a couple left. My bin is full.

The answer - a new bin which I already had. New conundrum - I NEED more flair. It only comes up to the "scientifically" in the bin.

 Next up: The Fancy Pants Design Warehouse Box which was $39 shipped.  Right out of the box the side view and the top view.
 7 rolls of washi (3 Millie and June, 2 Good Fellows, 2 Atwells -but the Atwells coordinate with my sets in the box nicely), the Atwell pens, the collection kit of Millie and June including the bows and an ephemera pack, the Good Fellows collection kit including wood veneers and tags, Life is Beautiful 6x6 pad and alphabet set.

I'm always nervous about purchasing warehouse boxes. I purchased in the past and ended up stuff that I don't use. Probably because I order from a company that had many things I loved but many things I didn't. I just got the didn't package.  But I don't think I've ever not liked anything from FPD, so I'm super glad I ordered with all of these new goodies to play with.

Quick and easy post.

See You Later,

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WOYWW 381 - Waiting to Get Messed Up

Hello deskers and other friends,

Today is Wednesday, which means I share what's on my workdesk. You can also see other desks by visiting Julia's blog here.

After weeks of mess, I finally cleaned up after the mess of last week.  Well, as clean as this desk gets. This is what it looked like Tuesday afternoon.

So on the top is a line of essentials that are always left out. My hot glue gun, a couple of inks, my current drink (today's black cherry sparkling water), a printout of my current challenges, my atg, and bits that seem to stay on the far  right upper corner, usually embellishments that didn't get used or have just a bit left get put here to see if they make it on the next crafty session things. In between my inks and my water are a few supplies that I took out for working on my 8x8 calendar swap. I need to get started so thought having these out would help me along. The layout in progress has been stuck under a pile for - I can't even remember how long. It's awaiting me to cut with my silhouette. I have my ATC's there as I was getting ready to mail them off. Here's the close up.

 I started with a shaving cream ink print, used an orange-ish paint with a stencil, then gesso with a different stencil, then distress ink with a different stencil and then distress ink with a rubber stamp. The image was stamped on tissue, colored with copics, and cut out. Then adhered. After drying, I applied wink of stella to the hat feathers for sparkle and the gem earring and neck brooch.

Last thing on the desk is the book in far bottom right corner, I had searched the upstairs closet, the shed, and every place I could think of looking for this book. It's the science book we were going to use this year. I found the Astronomy book that we never did. But not this book. I gave up on finding it and was researching another option online. Luckily I did not purchase anything. When I went to wake my son this morning, it was right beside his bed. He reads science and history books for fun. He reads other stuff as well - as he says he's a geek not a nerd. lol. So I took it down to start prepping the material.

It's good to have a clean desk to mess up again!  Look for next week's messy desk!

Thanks for visiting!