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Friday, February 24, 2017

Getting Ready for CalvinBall

With CalvinBall around the corner over at the Get It Scrapped Forums (It's free to sign up, by the way), I needed to prepare.  How, oh, How do you prepare for an event that's whole goal is to get as many pages finished as you can within one month??

I started with an excel spreadsheet, because it's me and everything gets listed in excel.  Going through some of  my 2016, if I see some that spark a story for telling, I insert the date and the story on my spreadsheet in either the traditional page category or the digital page category.  Frequently if it's going to take 2 or more pages, it gets put in digital. I just find multiple pages easier with digi for the most part.

For those traditional layouts, I edit and crop my photos ready and printed and the stories journaled.

Once the photos arrive, I place the journaling with the photos and each story gets kitted with some papers. I use paper pads, collection kits, kit club kits, or papers pulled from my stash.

Next I started with a small clean up of my craft area. I have 2 Rubbermaid 9-cube units that are side by side, only one side has a desk top. I'm still hopefully, hubs can make me a top for the other side before March first.

Now I still have a few days and what to do.  Well, I was just thinking, I should use the time to really delve into some composition styles. Maybe setting a goal of 5 for each type of composition.  Then on my Facebook feed, I see this post by Get It Scrapped, about Speeding up your scrapbooking with a go-to composition for getting started. I definitely see that as a great jumping off point too. My go to is a Band, L or T or layered center comp. But I definitely want to change things up a bit too. So now my next step will be to look at some different compositional foundations. I think I'll sketch them out and tape them to the wall for easy viewing.

Also I'll continue to pick up my space, as there is always things that can be organized.

Counting Down Starts Now = 5 days.