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Monday, December 21, 2015

Productivity is over-rated

The contractor pulled the crew out on Friday evening with a break until Jan. 4th. Hurray! I've cleaned up the dining area, bathroom, and the large floor debris, but I can't move anything really back or get really settled as they'll be back in less than 2 weeks.  The electrician comes in January 7 & 8th. The 11th if needed. 

Friday, Don & Logan went to see Star Wars. They were not impressed. My son said he'd rather watch Lucas' (poorly written and executed) love scenes from the 2nd prequel. That's saying something.  So Gabriella and I decided we could wait to see it.

Saturday, we readied ourselves for a trip to Grand Rapids to see the Nutcracker. It did not disappoint. Gabriella picked out a en pointe shoe that was signed by the Sugar Plum Fairy of the performance as her souvenir. There were 2 different SPFairies during the performance and both were amazing! We  had sushi for lunch too - added bonus.  We hit JoAnns for material for our homemade stockings we're making this year. (and a thrift store for an old cream sweater for my stocking).  Then Don surprised us with a drive through the light display before heading for home. A very nice day indeed.

 The only down side for me was I started Saturday with a sort of runny nose and before we had finished the 2 hour trip my throat was scratchy and sore. Typical, I finally get a break where I can get something done, and I get sick. So yesterday and today, we are doing things but slowly --the I cleaned off the kitchen table and put the leaf in with the kids help and then had to take a break slowly.  I keep feeling I should go do something productive, but once I do a small thing, I'm finished. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be good as new. 

Since every cloud has a silver lining, the up side to being sick and no energy to muster chores means that I have digitally completed a 2 page double layout. These photos are from 5-2-2014.  Journaling reads: What do home-schoolers do when their work is finished? They build extravagant mini-golf courses for the family to enjoy, of course! And we did!  All supplies are either Scotty Girl Designs or Mommyish, including a joint collab by them.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

I'm finished. at least emotionally

My Daily December:

It's done me in!  I'm so over this construction already. The contractor and workers are terrific. They've busted and moved, and I'm super-duper impressed with them. But even if they pull out with their end complete by December 23rd, there is still painting to be done and window wear to be hung and furniture to move in.  But what got me this week was that after clearing the spaces originally told to us so they could work, I was given 3 new areas that needed to be freed up.  With 2 bedrooms and the hall and the basement cleared to the shed, our already cramped bedroom, a hall closet and the main living area.  HOW pray tell do you expect me to clear those areas in the main living area and where would you like it to go?  I guess I forgot to tell you that I don't have a magic wand. The next thing to get me was that I won't be able to put up decorations for Christmas. This is my girl's first Christmas knowing there is no Santa, so I wanted it to be extra special. This IS NOT extra special. It's a special sort of disarray that even us in our chaotic and crazy adventures we consider a horrible mess of YUK.  And for us, that's saying something.

It's also my co-op break which I was hoping to devote more school time since we'd have a whole extra day. Of course, with the the construction, everything has been strained to say the least.  Also, I like to get some crafting in during the break and I'll be hard-pressed to get the room back in order before the new year.  I was hoping to do some cards for Christmas but that is not going to happen.

And to top it all off, I ordered tickets to the local Nutcracker ballet. I had it in my mind as the 12th and even written on the calendar. We (my daughter and myself) were all excited.  She was asking on the evening of the 11th about the tickets (it was probably 10:00pm). I took them off the refrigerator and showed them to her and saw. They were for the 11th at 7:30pm.  I've cried more than once at my blunder.  I'm usually the responsible one.  The girl with the planner.  Not so much this time.  So we'll be attempting a run to Grand Rapids to see the ballet there.

I have to remember that it's all worth it in the end!  So, so, so, SO VERY worth it.  Yes, embrace that. Stop the worry.  Don't beat myself up over the mistakes that are bound to be part of this unrest now.

Remember the true meaning of Christmas is that we have a Savior that came to this earth so that we might be saved and live forever. Talk about a joyous time of year even without decorations.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Embracing the Simple

Hubs started his own business at the beginning of the year. The Lord just seemed to open the path before him after he was laid off last year. On Tuesday, the first of December, we were talking about the gifts he was getting his associates this year. In the years past, he would pick something out and charge it to the company he was working for and most often a staff member would mail them.  It then donned on me that I should make him some Christmas Cards to send. Since he is giving bottles of area whiskey, wine or beer (depending upon the persons taste), I did make a couple of bottle tags that he could sign as well. These are a cut file from Lori Whitlock over at the silhouette store.

The stamp is from a Christmas tag set from Stampin' Up! that I just used a marker on one of the three trees in the row to stamp it. Super simple for me, and super cute to get. I think I'll be all about EMBRACING the SIMPLE this year.

Day 3 of Construction:
 Started like this, with 2 small holes for supports 
and this large section at the foot of the stairs needing concrete.

And ended like this: The spots filled, plus some to level a spot in the waterheater room, some leftover going around a dirt spot by the furnace and leveling some space behind the furnace.

  And then with the kids putting their initials into the concrete, so they can show their grandkids how they've marked their house. (Again, embracing the simple) We went upstairs from that and Gabriella tells Logan, "I call dibs on the house!" haha. I've told them a million times that they're each just going to build wings onto the house for their families so they have their own space and we (Don & I) will be in the middle. My secret is....Shhh.....Easy access to warping the minds of our grandkids!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

My December Daily

The contractor has started the work. The first work day being - December 1st. We're on day 3 and I just realized this is my December Daily. Plus I need to remember to take photos in process. And to think I actually use to always be taking photos, and now I can't ever seem to remember too.

Day 1: The first day was cutting holes for the footings for support beams in the basement. Talk about stench and dust! Even with us trying to block most of the holes and major spots, the flooring itself would allow the dust through.

This is what it looked like after day one. There are actually 7-8 of these holes in the basement. Don worked tirelessly in between work calls to help them, which helps keep our costs down since we're on an hourly rate for each worker here.  After they had left there was a 5 foot by 3 foot section that was just dirt at the bottom of the stairs and over to the door of the water heater room that Don and I cleared down 3 inches. Don wanted concrete poured there as well.

Day 2:  All of these holes had re-bar put drilled into them. And just like the size of the hole and the amount of holes may be over-kill, the re-bar as well. I wish I had taken a photo of the large holes, but imagine steel bars on each side of at least 4 per side. And then it was filled in with concrete. There was a whole palette of concrete brought in and when they left at 3:30, it was to go buy more concrete. The doorway and 3 holes were still empty at the end of the day. 

Over the course of the first two days, I kept myself busy taking off the old barn wood white painted paneling from the upstairs hallway. I want to keep that for a future project. Not sure what, but those hoarding tendencies obviously extend past crafting supplies. 

But as my niece pointed out, I should be tracking these changes. So I really like the idea of making this my blog a place to post about the construction process. It will hold me accountable and remind me to take those photos. 

WOO HOO for having this work complete.  Now to settle on a floor color.....