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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Journal 52

 There is a Journal 52 group on facebook that does an art journal prompt each week of the year.  I found it last December and thought I'd try to play along and up my art journaling skills this year.  Of course, I totally suck at any challenge that has a weekly deadline. You know that crazy thing called life always gets in my way!  So I did the first 3 weeks and almost 4 in good time.  I spent May playing a bit and trying to catch up on some of the prompts

Week 4 Prompt: silhouette

 Week 5 Prompt: Television

Week 8 Prompt: Aromatherapy  Lilacs were in bloom when I was doing this one.

Week 10 Prompt: Coloring Book
I used a stencil to draw the birds and bee. 

Week 13 Prompt: Spring Clean
Cleaning out the cobwebs of my mind.
Liking the vibrant color on this one.

Week 21: Top Ten List
Ok, so I did a huge list. But you have to go where the vision takes you.
They're on week 23 so I still have quite a few to catch up on. If you like art journaling, check it out.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

2015 Layouts to share

My little reminder of life happenings to our family (this blog) has been severely neglected. I'd say it is a bad thing, but part of me is grateful as the whole moving in to a house that isn't refurbished yet and waiting until your other house sells to start is kind of - disheartening.  The OH house sold at the end of March. We just started ripping dd's room to the studs.  I'd love it finished by July 31st, but honestly if it gets finished by October I'll be thrilled. We just aren't full of peppy energy in our old age. Where we once would work all day long, now it's an hour or two and then a break time which is an hour or two. 

Well, the house mess does mean that I haven't had a lot of crafty time. But that's starting to change around.  I thought I'd share my layouts for this year.  They are not the best work, but they are finished.  Sometimes we take what we can get.  These are all quick and easy pages.

January through April:

This was all the scraps from a BoBunny MammaPapparazzi collection.  I was thrilled to get another page out of it.  And I think, Steph took this photo of us. I think it's cute.

 Uncle Jeff changed his name to Grandpa, a fairly big milestone.

 An old fancy pants design set that I was saving my leftover pieces just for this layout. An Amy Tan puffy sticker too. I need more puffy stickers!!

 Senior Discount!!! on groceries, hubs was very upset over getting this. I told him those punk kids are getting younger and younger, and I left off that his hair is getting grayer and grayer.

My May Layouts: 
   I had no idea how to use this overlay from that old Fancy Pants Design set, but wanted to finish the set off.  It's definitely not my favorite layout, but.... oh, well.

I actually like this one quite a bit, more because of the story.  Loved using all the stamps too.

I actually like this one quite a bit as well. It's all about how our dog thinks she is our 3rd child and her funny child-like antics.
Next up, my art journal pages.