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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Reworking a Layout

There seems to be two distinct camps with regards to reworking a layout. Those that do it a lot. Those that never do it. Typically, I fall into the never do it. However, if my kids taught me one thing, it that the only never EVER allowed is to not say NEVER. It bites you on the butt, every. single. time.

Although I don't think I've ever reworked a paper layout, digital layouts happen to get reworked every now and then.  Case in point. Last week I made this layout of my daughter.
Overall, I like the bright colors and general layout. But I went a little too crazy with the fonts. I have 6 different title fonts going.  It's muddied and not visually pleasing.  So by just replacing one font with a similar one, I got this:
Definitely an improvement.  It's one of those layouts that came together in my head much better than IRL.  But I can live with this version.

So will you rework a layout or not?

Layout credits: P&Co: Scotty Girl Design/Mommyish - QandA; SnapClick: Carta Bella - Beautiful Moments; Echo Park Paper - Hello Summer;  :LilyPad: JustJaimee - Doilies4; Sabrina Dupree Designs -Only Love Bits;


  1. Super cute layout! I don't do digital at all, maybe that's why I've never really reworked anything.

  2. Great layout and question!
    I've only re-worked 2 layouts in my lifetime.
    I generally don't like doing it because I have so many 'new' layouts to create, but if one is really bugging me and I have an idea of how to make it better I'll do it...that's what happened w/ the 2 I re-did.
    The reasons I generally don't (besides the one named above), is since I don't do digital, it winds up wasting product and because I like to see how my work has changed/grown over the years.

  3. Yes, I've reworked layouts, and probably will do it again! sometimes there's just something missing, or like you- not happy with the fonts. I love digital! So easy to make changes!