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Friday, August 5, 2016

A Hodge Podge of Activity

Wednesday had me schlepping my laundry out to do. On Tuesday as I was piling it in my van, my wonderful husband had a great idea of me trying to get passports for myself and the kids. Sometime in our future, we are planning to visit an area where the border of MI and Canada is so close it would be a shame to not pop across. I went to the designated place to find out the information needed: Hubs and I both would need to be present to get passports for the kids. So I went home, filled out the forms, grabbed the proper identification, and snagged up the family. It was really quite an easy and painless process, well, except for the pocket book which is still groaning and moaning over the cost of 3 passports. Then we had a bit of an unexpected adventure afternoon which included a ride up the peninsula with a view of the lovely wineries, a library book sale with 5 stuffed bags for $10, and an antique shop. Super fun and relaxing afternoon that makes you forget that you had to go to the laundromat. (The piece for my washer came yesterday, so hopefully I won't have to do that again soon.)
Great view, huh?

Yesterday, had me cleaning off that mess of a desk I shared on Wednesday. You know, so I can make a bigger mess. 

This meant I had to put away all of lines by Shimelle (AC). I put all of the papers in one bin, including things from cutaparts and all of the embellishments in another.

 My new purchases needed to be put away too. These are from a scrap store. No more than $4 for the lot.

 A sale at Joann's, plus a coupon led to the above. Yes, all I needed was the fabri-tac glue so that I could fix a lampshade. The stencils were all clearanced at 1.97 and have 2 sizes in each.

The latest layout that I finally finished. I really hate when real life gets in the way of my play time.
Photos are from 2009. I even spent some time yesterday afternoon organizing all of dd's layouts in her albums.  And started a new layout. However, then I decided I really need to get messy. So I cleaned the desk off again. Some mixed media backgrounds to follow.

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