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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Clean up, Clean up, every body, every where...

Clean up, clean up, every body do your share.... Yeah, I used to sing that with the kids when they were little.

I've accomplished not one iota of crafty goodness in the past TWO weeks. However, the light is not only visible at the end of the tunnel, so is the tunnel structure!  Hurray!  Yes, I'm been cleaning, sorting, and organizing my craft room over the last 2 weeks.  Definitely, not the fun things to do in life, but the necessary things.
Before I share, if you're new to my blog, my disclaimer: When we purchased this property it was for a place to hunt for my husband. The house was given NO value, which tells you the shape it's in. This craft room is not the color I'd choose. It will be redone eventually.

That said, two things brought about the cleaning of the craft room.

First, past my standing craft desk against the wall and 2nd (back) door is my stamping station (a kitchen island cart), which is piled so high that even I didn't know what's on it nor could I get to my stamp blocks when I wanted to stamp.

Second, my husband found and purchased this at a garage sale. I really want to get it in my room, even if I haven't painted it yet.

So after some sorting, organizing, cleaning, and moving some furniture.  I have this set up.

I took my craft desk which was 2 - 9-cube storage organizer units placed back to back, and moved them side by side. This means I'll need a longer table top. It also means I'll need support for the table top hand off in the back.  I'm thinking another 9-cube unit on the back with only things I need infrequently and some rudimentary leg at the very end next to the wall. That way the printer stand can still roll in and out on that side. Also that unit hubs found at the garage sale should set on the table top against the wall. The stamp desk was moved so it will form an L with my craft desk.  The tall white boards are the sides of white shelving that are placed back to back. The shelf facing the stamp desk is scrapbooking supplies. The other shelf faces out and makes a walk way to the bathroom. This shelf houses various supplies from medical, health, extra soaps/shampoos, light bulbs, with the bottom shelf being my craft books and my page protectors.

The above is directly to the right of the entrance.  I cleaned off and moved that shelf next to my computer desk. It was going out from the corner against the side wall. 

 Behind the entrance door, I moved my embellishment drawers and paint tower and my paper cubes. That cardboard box needs to be moved to the save until Christmas wrapping pile.  The blue bag is supplies I bought to make the kids school albums with long ago, before we were led to homeschooling.

There is still much organizing and cleaning that needs to happen. I still have to get my stencils taped around and put some J hooks on them to hang on the pegboard and organize my stamps, to name a couple of things.  

Also this whole corner needs to be cleaned out. The brown cabinet is my sewing cabinet. The electronics that pull the sewing machine into the usable position is broken. I don't even know who to call to fix that. But if I can't get it fixed, it will be replaced. My mixed media cart will roll into the spot in front of the window. There is a bathtub toy container there now that isn't used anymore.

Although it's definitely an improvement, there is still more that needs to be worked on. However, I feel so much better, I think I'll pull out a page kit and make a page.  ...ok, it's been TWO weeks, I'm getting twitchy....

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  1. Oh my gosh! so much stash, so much to see. I love a good sort out and I have nowhere near your amazing hoard. Love that filing cabinet, can't wait to see what you do with it.