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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Doing Something Different

Every once in a while, I find that I need to change things up. Whether it's rearranging the furniture or shaking up my scrap routine. Don't get me wrong, I really, really like my scrap routine. I think it works - For Me! I don't expect it to work for every body else, after all, we're all different.  My normal routine is to print a batch of photos with the journaling and pair them with paper kits to aid in faster page production. My paper kits can be anything from a couple of sheets of paper chosen specifically for the photos/story or as is more often the case a collection or scrapbook club kit that goes with the photos/story.

But today, today I received my Clique Kit May kit. I unbox it in this video.

I decided to go and pull photos that might work with the kit right now.  Then I would dedicate myself to working on the kit and getting layouts complete with it. Since I usually jump around so much with my kits, I thought I'd challenge myself to use just this kit until it's gone. So I pulled several stories/photos. I even pulled photos that I had previously put with a different collection. Then I started working. This layout was first.

I used feathers to comply with the Use Your Stuff Blogspot challenge for this week. Well, feathers went naturally with the story anyways.

Most People are content to bird watch, not you, you bird catch.

Since I had quite a bit of journaling and it didn't fit on the layout, I decided to just do an 8.5x11 page with the journaling to go beside the layout in the album.

I'm trying to work on my video making skills. This one isn't very good, but at least I'm practicing.
I'll link it when it finally transfers to YouTube.


  1. This is a serene and peaceful journal page, I like your colors a lot. Thank you for entering it in the UYS challenge.

  2. Love your topic and the vellum feathers on the page, and that watercolour card is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with us at UYS!