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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Getting A Different Perspective - The Kids

Including other family member layouts.  Yesterday, I talked about how I now include my husband very rarely with his journaling for a page. Now maybe your spouse or kids aren't into this or you're single, that's ok too.

Although my son is no longer into scrapbooking, my daughter really enjoys it and art journaling.  We have days where we work together. But often, she does it whenever she can. She seems to have more time than me. I have always just put the kids layouts into the appropriate album - family, son, daughter, extended family/friends. A few months ago someone mentioned that their daughter had her own album.  The concept hit me hard. She had her own art journaling book.  I had never even thought of giving her her own scrapbook album!  Maybe she wanted one. I felt like a dolt, so I asked if it was something she wanted.  Nope, she preferred her layouts in with all the others.  whew. I felt better. She likes looking through the book and seeing things that she has contributed.  I know this isn't the answer for everyone. Lots of scrapbookers wouldn't like the child like designs next to their perfectly designed layouts. For me it just captures another more of our family life and I love seeing their layouts. They bring a huge smile to my face.

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