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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Moving Update & School

We're back in Ohio, and I had a week and a half to finish off my last trailer load and clean the house, staging it for show. But I'm burned out on the whole moving process and I just haven't got my strength back from my cold I was suffering with a couple of weeks ago (the cold that lasted for 2 weeks).  Don and I talked about the process yesterday. He said to ask the boy if he would mind staying here for his birthday. (He was trying to decide between staying at home with unlimited screen time for his birthday or going to a mini-golf adventure place with so much more than mini-golf).  He said he didn't mind staying here as we had better streaming.  I guess I know what he decided to do.  This is really no surprise - it's what he does. every. single. birthday.  Although I've felt like they've had unlimited screen time of late and have been trying to get them back to target.  But anyway...It was a super relief to me.  We probably won't leave until the 30th for Michigan.  And that will be it for me and the kids, I figured we'd be back and forth a few times. But. The new co-op starts September 15th. The girl is super excited! Honestly, so am I. I just wish I had more time. Oh, well.

The co-op is on Monday. With church on Sunday and co-op on Monday. It means traveling to town 2 days in a row. I'd kind of like a coop on Wednesday. That way if I'm out of milk I can grab it mid-week. When the nearest store that sells organic milk is 30+ minutes away, you think of things like this. Of course, a mid-week co-op wouldn't work very well. You'd get your routine and then you'd have to break mid-way. If it was on Friday, like our last co-op, it's like a great way to end the week. You're done with your week of work and it's awesome to spend the day with like minded Christians.  Of course the positive to a Monday start is that it will be a wonderful way to start our week. Plus it gives me an extra planning day, since I'm a little behind this year.

Ok, more than a little. Usually I have curriculum picked out by February and no later than April. By April to June, all my curriculum for the following year is purchased and in my hot little hands.  So from May to July, I put together my curriculum plan and my lesson plans. Some for the whole year - like science, and some for the first few weeks, like history. Others like math and now writing (woo hoo) are really done for me. For math if I see they've mastered the concept then they get their test. If not, we spend more time on it. Usually within 2 - 3 worksheets they are ready. A few times, especially with the boy, he did the first worksheet and took the test. Once with the girl, I had to make my own problems up for her to do as we were out of workbook practice sheets.  We also usually start mid-August. Right about now.  We like are time off during the year.

This year I have my curriculum picked but not purchased. I have made a list of read alouds and the books I'd like them to read for school. Don's suggested a family book club.  The kids get to pick a book and we all read and discuss.  Sounds like fun to me. We'll see how it progresses. All of our school things are in boxes, the class/craft room will need to be painted first and then it may be arranged.  I told the kids to expect to go all through June and to have less time off during the year.  Hopefully I'll be able to roughly start by September 22nd.  The pleasures of moving.

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