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Monday, December 21, 2015

Productivity is over-rated

The contractor pulled the crew out on Friday evening with a break until Jan. 4th. Hurray! I've cleaned up the dining area, bathroom, and the large floor debris, but I can't move anything really back or get really settled as they'll be back in less than 2 weeks.  The electrician comes in January 7 & 8th. The 11th if needed. 

Friday, Don & Logan went to see Star Wars. They were not impressed. My son said he'd rather watch Lucas' (poorly written and executed) love scenes from the 2nd prequel. That's saying something.  So Gabriella and I decided we could wait to see it.

Saturday, we readied ourselves for a trip to Grand Rapids to see the Nutcracker. It did not disappoint. Gabriella picked out a en pointe shoe that was signed by the Sugar Plum Fairy of the performance as her souvenir. There were 2 different SPFairies during the performance and both were amazing! We  had sushi for lunch too - added bonus.  We hit JoAnns for material for our homemade stockings we're making this year. (and a thrift store for an old cream sweater for my stocking).  Then Don surprised us with a drive through the light display before heading for home. A very nice day indeed.

 The only down side for me was I started Saturday with a sort of runny nose and before we had finished the 2 hour trip my throat was scratchy and sore. Typical, I finally get a break where I can get something done, and I get sick. So yesterday and today, we are doing things but slowly --the I cleaned off the kitchen table and put the leaf in with the kids help and then had to take a break slowly.  I keep feeling I should go do something productive, but once I do a small thing, I'm finished. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be good as new. 

Since every cloud has a silver lining, the up side to being sick and no energy to muster chores means that I have digitally completed a 2 page double layout. These photos are from 5-2-2014.  Journaling reads: What do home-schoolers do when their work is finished? They build extravagant mini-golf courses for the family to enjoy, of course! And we did!  All supplies are either Scotty Girl Designs or Mommyish, including a joint collab by them.

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