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Friday, December 4, 2015

Embracing the Simple

Hubs started his own business at the beginning of the year. The Lord just seemed to open the path before him after he was laid off last year. On Tuesday, the first of December, we were talking about the gifts he was getting his associates this year. In the years past, he would pick something out and charge it to the company he was working for and most often a staff member would mail them.  It then donned on me that I should make him some Christmas Cards to send. Since he is giving bottles of area whiskey, wine or beer (depending upon the persons taste), I did make a couple of bottle tags that he could sign as well. These are a cut file from Lori Whitlock over at the silhouette store.

The stamp is from a Christmas tag set from Stampin' Up! that I just used a marker on one of the three trees in the row to stamp it. Super simple for me, and super cute to get. I think I'll be all about EMBRACING the SIMPLE this year.

Day 3 of Construction:
 Started like this, with 2 small holes for supports 
and this large section at the foot of the stairs needing concrete.

And ended like this: The spots filled, plus some to level a spot in the waterheater room, some leftover going around a dirt spot by the furnace and leveling some space behind the furnace.

  And then with the kids putting their initials into the concrete, so they can show their grandkids how they've marked their house. (Again, embracing the simple) We went upstairs from that and Gabriella tells Logan, "I call dibs on the house!" haha. I've told them a million times that they're each just going to build wings onto the house for their families so they have their own space and we (Don & I) will be in the middle. My secret is....Shhh.....Easy access to warping the minds of our grandkids!!!

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