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Friday, March 25, 2016

Kill A Kit & Layout Share

I killed a kit.  Look and see what I started with and how much I have left!!

Here is the layouts made with this kit along with their CalvinBall points (the game of creating as many layouts as you can that is being played at  I find myself just creating the page in the style and fashion that I'd like and then seeing how many points bonus points I have.

This one I made on 3/11, so on the previous week total for Calvinball.
 Layout +1: 2+yr old stash +1; veneer +1; shiny +1; 5+ patterns +1
Total of 5 points

All others were made the week of 3/13 to 3/19.
 Punch,  15+elements, 2+yr old stash, pet, stamping, veneer, 
5+pp, 3+fonts, embossing folder, paint, shiny.
Total points 12

punch,  15+ elements, 2+yr old stash, +3 gold elements,
handwriting, 5+ pp, shiny.
Total point 8

15+ elements, 2+yr old stash, bought this week, pattern paper only,
handwriting, stamping, veneer, 4+washi, ink, shiny.
Total points 12.

2+yr old stash, handwriting, 5+ pp
Total points 4

2+yr old stash, handwriting, +3 gold element, hidden journaling, 
photo +10yrs, wet embossing, gesso, shiny, +15 elements.
 Total points10

Punch, 15+ elements, 2+yr old stash, pattern paper only,
handwriting, pet, stamping, ,5+ pp, ink, shiny, dark background.
Total points 12.

2+yr old stash, handwriting, 5+ pp, veneer
Total points 5.

Punch, 2+yr old stash,hidden journaling, handwriting, pet, 
5+ pp, photo 10+ yrs old, shiny, dark background.
Total points 10.

My total weekly points for CalvinBall was 78, which brought my grand running total to 125.5.
This week I finished 9 Layouts - 8 stories and 1 cute pic. Success in my book. 

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  1. You got a lot done with that kit and have a lot done this week. Way to go. Cute layouts.