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Monday, March 7, 2016


Calvinball, Shimelle's Online Crop, nicolejones911, 2peasrefugee Stash Challenge. 

You've already heard about this month's calvinball going on over at Get It Scrapped. The goal is to scrap as much as possible.  Nicole Jones decided in honor of the Calvinball game to have her facebook group reach 1000 layouts shared. woot woot!!  And Shimelle gave us an impromptu crop over the weekend with the ability to share until next weekend.  Woo Hoo!! And over at the proboard 2peas Refugee group, Karen hosts a Stash and Bonus Challenge each month. 

I feel so motivated! Motivated to let the house work slide. How can I put those new wood floors down when I have so much scrapping to do!!

I had a bit of a cold that left me unmotivated last week, so I took the opportunity to work on my journaling spot swap (from the Two Peas Swap Chat facebook group). I already had the ideas I wanted to do and all of the supplies gathered, so this was easy. Except for that I like to stand and scrap and I had to move each portion to either my couch or kitchen table as I didn't have the energy to stand. But it worked out fine.  And by Sunday, I could actually get some layouts going.

 Themes in order: Spring, Summer, Winter, Anything Goes (Valentine)
Calvinball points: 4.5 
.5 for completing
1 for  make your own embellishment
1 for using a tool that you haven't used in a long time
1 for a new technique (fuse)
1 for my first post to Calvinball gallery

 Shimelle's Online Crop: Using Her First Collection Challenge
I think I may have some of True Stories in there too. Love how it pops on the black cardstock.
Calvinball points:  3
1 for a layout
1 for using 5+ pattern paper
 1 for your own handwriting

2Peas Refugee Stash Challenge: Polka Dots, florals, metallic, last purchase, handwriting and enamel dots.  (the handwriting and enamel dots will be added when I get the jouraling spot swap back and can put the jouranling on the layout.  Also for Shimelle's Online Crop: Using her Monday Challenges maps and globes and Mixing old with new.
Calvinball Points:  9
1 for a layout
1 for using 5+ pattern paper
 1 for your own handwriting
1 for using all pattern paper
1 for using punches
1 for stamping
1 for making and using your own PL card (I added that rule)
1 for 3+ photos 
1 for using something 2+ years old

Lots of fun to be had for all!  And there's still time to play. Go check it all out!

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