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Monday, July 11, 2016

Shimelle's Collections

I love all things Shimelle, aka Glitter Girl. It's probably a nostalgic reason.  My daughter and I used to watch GG together each week. We have different taste from each other and both have different tastes from Shimelle as well. But we both appreciated her teaching style.  So when American Crafts started producing a line inspired by Shimelle, well, I procured some of each. From Shimelle, True Stories and Starshine, I mix them all together. They work so well together.

So I had some photos of a day Adventure we had last June (2015) and some from morel hunting that May which I thought would mix perfectly with Shimelle's lines. Obviously I couldn't make a page kit, as this wouldn't fit in my page kit bag (a 2 gallon ziplock).

I keep all of Shimelle's items together, including the embellishments and stamps (for now). Although I do keep the stencils and embossing folders in there proper places, but they're easy enough to pull. That stack is still 5" tall.

AND this is what I created.

I used the Shimelle Starshine stamps an a PL roller stamp, although some of my roller stamp images came out cockeyed and funky. I took a photo of morels from the net and converted it to black and white upping the contrast and gold foiled them for the bottom corner.

Then I started our June Adventure Day. Page 1 tells the first part of the story, page 2 shows our views during the 2 different lake spots (picnic and playing), and page 3 shows our spot while the kids built their sandcastles.

Monday, I'll share the sandcastle pages and my dilemma.

I'm still traveling this week and this post was prepared in advance.  It was suppose to go yesterday. Yeah, that didn't happen. My daughter had a neurologist appointment. She has had some health issues that have become quite chronic in the last 2 years. Also her motion sickness which was always mild increased so dramatically that she cannot tolerate a trip to town that is 40 minutes away. We walked away with a new prescription. This is our 5th in the battle to improve her health. You have to wait 6 weeks to see if any of them work. But this Dr. thinks that the GI diagnosis of abdominal migraines is still good. The medicine the GI gave her did not work and we've tried another one in the interim as well. We have also had an allergy test for the common allergies which she lit up like a Christmas tree - 19 out of the 29 allergens caused a reaction. She just feels everything in her stomach, instead of a nasal or rash or something that would have caused me to think - oh, hey, allergy.  Stomachache - didn't even occur to me it could be allergy, other than food. She is still off gluten, egg, dairy, watermelon, and green beans. So here's to crossing my fingers and hoping that this will help ease her pain. Also we were told to take her to a counselor to learn biofeedback techniques. Excited about that. She has a hard time when her brother makes her mad. He can do something only slightly annoying and she goes from 0 to rage in .023 seconds. Her dad could do the same thing to her without that response.  So I hope in addition to biofeedback techniques they could help with some self calming methods too.

That's it for today. Sorry for the long post.

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  1. love your layouts! sure hope your daughter starts to feel better soon