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Friday, July 8, 2016

Choosing a New Task (Thursdays post on Friday)

I've reserved Thursday's to keep myself accountable for larger monthly or longer projects. I last tackled how I organize each area. I walked away with a working list of things to do. I've accomplished some of that list which you can see here.  The more time intensive and the ones that I need my husband for are still out there.

It's been awhile since I've worked on a larger monthly crafty project. The kids rooms, vacation, outdoor projects and just everyday items have been taking too much of my time.  Although we still have travel for a doctor's appointment for my daughter and my son's birthday vacation to do go through yet this summer, I believe it's time to start a more regular craft task.

My problem lies in choosing one. The top 3 that come to mind are:  tagging my photos for easier finding or tagging all of my digital items for easier finding or resorting all of my pattern paper.  All of these take so much time that I cringe and balk at the idea.  I think I need to start smaller, and I couldn't think of a one!!  But I see in my above referenced post these two items left outstanding.

  1. Organize my stamps into sheets by what the are. 
  2. Stencils – put a layer of duct tape around and J hooks on
I'll have to give more thought to other projects, but the Stencils I can at least start this weekend while watching movies during my ME time.  

So Stencils Win!!

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