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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Make a Layout Monday on Tuesday

Last year, I really tried to make everything on my layout mean something.  In other words, nothing would go on that didn't support my mood or reinforce my theme for the layout. I spent a great deal of time thinking about the various aspects of each page: journaling, mood/tone the story photo conveyed, papers, design and embellishments.  This year I have challenged myself to try to complete a layout every week. For those layouts, I can't hem and haw over details. I have to make decisions and make them quickly. Here is where I will try to be accountable for that. By posting my layout (probably from the week prior) to my blog every Monday.  And I'll be learning Adobe Premiere Elements as I go. 

Here is my first video. I must say that when I started the editing of the various clips yesterday evening, I had no idea how much I'd learn in 2 days.  I'm looking forward to becoming more proficient with PE.  

Things I've already learned.  That my camera should be zoomed in (Duh!), it's old and not a HD although it is digital. I'm now already drooling for a better quality one.  That I should put my video on a flash drive and use the computer that is connected to the internet directly instead of wifi to upload a video to youTube.  Seriously, the upload time was Cra-azy!  It is the reason this is getting posted on Tuesday instead of Monday. Thought I'd be able to eek into Monday's date as I started uploading my video at 9:30.  At 11:10 with 63% downloaded and 137 minutes left. I just left the computer on and went to bed.  And since the mid-west cold snap is in full force, a nice toasty bed was good.

Here's the video and the corresponding layout.

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