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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WOYWW 241 & PL Swap Cards

WOYWWer's caught a glimpse of these beauties for a PL swap on my desk last week.

And here is the completed set.

This is the title card with both of the silhouette cut words.  Both words will be included, but not adhered so that each swap participant can choose or choose something different altogether.

And this is the extras that each swap participant will receive.  These are the things I cut out but didn't use on the cards.

And here is this week's mess of a desk.  I've got a little stack of sequins to glue to the cut/stamped jars. I've actually moved them Monday afternoon from the craft room to the downstairs, thinking I could do this while kids do school work or in the evening.  But each evening, I'm reading aloud to the family from The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan to the family and the school day yesterday was too busy. Starting at 8 and not finishing until 4, and then dinner had to be made.  Keeping my fingers crossed for today.

A happy Wednesday to all!


  1. There's something so pretty about a scattering of sequins! I hope you get chance to adhere them before someone sneezes ;-) #41

  2. Love your cards! How nice that there are all those extra bits for folks to play with. Hopefully you'll get to play with your sequins soon. I can't craft and do stuff at the same time so definitely good luck with that!

  3. Fun! Those are all really cute!!

  4. Lovely cards, all set for next month!
    Krisha #26

  5. like that messy desk! crafting messes are the prettiest messes!