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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Using Old Scrapbook Stash = Warm fuzzy feelings

Along with many crafter's out there, one of my goals for 2014 is to use my stash.  So during the holiday break, I was trying to get some layouts completed to bring me closer to my 2013 goals.  I had 3 different layouts that went nicely with the Bo-Bunny Mama-Razzi line from 2010.  A 3 year old line that I've used bits of but still had the whole collection pack from Hobby Lobby setting in my stash.  When I pulled the kit out for one layout, I went through the other 8 layout photos to see if any of them would work with it as well.  It was pure INTENTION here that got me using this kit.  I completed the following 3 layouts with it in 3 days!  They aren't masterpieces by any means, but they get my story told and they are done!

I have enough left over from the kit for one more layout as well. Now to go search for a photo that coordinates with the kit and get those last bits used.

 Recess Homeschool style. When my son took a break from studies he chased the dog around the house - through the living room, hall, kitchen, classroom and back to the living room. Unfortunately, the dog is faster and after she was almost behind him as opposed to in front, she stopped and waited for him, where the wrestled in the living room floor. And then they were off again.

Yep, my kids think they are clever and funny.  (me too)

After showing this layout to hubs, he laughed and then showed me his iphone. This is his wallpaper picture.  He then said, this was the very first photo he took with his new iphone.  He thought he'd just snap a picture of his family.  I cover my face. I'm reading one of the HP books outloud to the kids. DD is snuggled next to me oblivious. But not DS, nope, he gets up and starts making faces.  Yep. This is definitely our average, ordinary everyday life!  I wouldn't change a thing!

I feel awesome using my old stash.  I will have to get into the many use your stash challenges and kit challenges this year.  What are you're plans for using up your stash of supplies?


  1. Look mom no head is too funny :) LOL. Love how you layered your title over all the other bits - lovely!

  2. love capturing the everyday life moments. i think that is the awesome thing about scrapbooking!
    great pages

  3. Wow, those look awesome! Love the way you did the border on the first one.

  4. These look brilliant, well done for getting them done! I don't have huge piles of old stash, as I've given some away. I'm happy to keep using the rest as and when I need it - plus my daughter uses it too! x

  5. Haha! Love that pic of the no head kid - reminds me of something me and my brother would do.

  6. Great use of your stash, love that you are getting your story told and showing those funny, real moments. they are the best!