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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Craft Room - The Take Aways

From showing off my room all of last month, I made a list of items that needed to be addressed. Yes, I'm a list maker. I always have a list or 6 going. I have a list of movies I would like to watch, list of current meal plans which I use to make my grocery list, list of stories to tell, list of completed scrapbook layouts, list of crafty projects, list of home projects, list of school work for the kids, and a list of outdoor projects.

This is my current view of the scrap room. I've got some paper colored on my desk so I can make ATC cards for the woyww anniversary swap. I have papers and photos for 2 layouts to the side. You can see the corner of my desk in the bottom right of the photo is already piled with cords and papers. Some of my list making spiral notebooks as well as one for my daughters health issues. So that needs to be cleaned again.

The following list is just for my craft room organization and a couple small decor pieces TO DO list. Some of them I already knew about, some of them I didn't. Now remember this is the color of the room before I moved in, since it will be ripped to the studs eventually, I will not be doing painting or lights and such.

These are for my husband to do. 

  • Put up a bulletin board behind computer. (I have the bulletin board already, so I just need his time which he currently doesn't have.)
  • Pegboard on the wall – 1. Large or 2. Smaller.
  • Where the pegboard is now, put up bars for punches.
ME: Major time sucking work, but needs to get done
  • Organize my stamps into sheets by what the are. 
  • Stencils – put a layer of duct tape around and J hooks on.
 ME: Just Need to DO IT
  • Find a spot for current to use items.
  • The special project papers on scrap side bookcase need to be gone through. I should decide if it's still a project that I'll do and if I want to keep it. Or if it's not, I should integrate into my paper storage.
  • Roller stamps should go in iris cases under stamping station.
  • Move alpha rub-ons to go with stamp alphas.
  • Put punches in with hearts and stars.
  • On the rolling cart, I’d like to store my laminator and supplies, plus I’d like to put my Printer on the top. The middle could be for dies and Big Kick. I need to change the shelf to the middle and put the open hanging file are on top and then have a board cut for the top to make this happen.  I have the board and hubs will be cutting it down for me today.  Hurray!
Really this is just decor and happiness.
  • Paint the base of the 8x8 calendar swap holder and put together.
  •  Join a rolodex quote swap. (I could use more quotes to fill up my holder)
  • either rip the room to the studs and start over, or
  • build an outbuilding with a craft room, kitchen and tool shop. 
The room will be taken to the studs regardless, but if we go with an outbuilding, which we've been leaning towards lately as I can get more room. This room will be a guest room.

 As you can see I've already been able to cross a few things off of the list. The reason I love checklists, that whole drawing a line through the item upon completion. Yay!! I know, I need help. Also when going through and telling of my paper tower storage, I saw that my navy cardstock was below my other cardstock and specialty stuff was in it's place. So I switched them. Then I rearranged the whole second cube's paper to be in a better order.

I'll just keep plugging away at the list while keeping it in balance with all my other lists, or at least trying to keep it in balance.

Sharing my room definitely helped me think some things through and see some areas of improvement along the way.  Thanks for letting me share.


  1. I love how in depth you've gone with your analysis. I really need to do that. It seems like organization is just always a work in progress. It seems like it just helps to sort of put it out there in type, which I makes a lot of sense.

    1. I definitely agree that organization will always be a work in progress.

  2. This is such a great craft space already.

  3. All the best with getting your lists tackled! It's such a satisfying feeling to cross things off. ;) Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  4. "Rip it to the studs" love it. I would love to get my room down to the studs and build it back up! Best of luck with all your projects!

  5. So organized and an ambitious task list! I can't wait to see what your brand new space looks like!

  6. Great plan! I look forward to seeing things come together.