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Monday, September 26, 2016

One Stylin Girl enjoying the process

The balance between quickly telling my stories in the limited bits of time I have, and creating pages with creativity that I releases my happy endorphin's that I desperately need is a struggle to say the least.  On a facebook swap group, we have been having a craft war. Each week our hostess puts up a new challenge, and we play along.  If you complete the challenge by the allotted time, you move forward. Instead of my 90% methods of either pick and stick speed scrapping or doing just the bare minimum to get it done. I've been challenging myself to get creative with these layouts. To enjoy the process even more.

Here is this week's page.

We had a sketch: The layout needed to have at least 4 layers, a large page flag, and a layered title.

What I like:
 The page flag is super cool as a sequin pocket that used my fuse. I love that I have glitter, sequins, wood veneer stars, the pipe cleaner flowers and the wood veneer glasses that I embossed with silver to match the ones my dd is wearing in the photo.
The hand stitching on the title layer. I love stitching but am too lazy to do it.
The blue flower in the bottom right cluster was actually made by my dd and given to me on a birthday gift in 2012. I love that!!
My silver bow! I am THE WORST at bow tying. I used youtube and a video that showed you how to tie bows with a fork to get this one. It worked!!

What I didn't like/learned:
The stitching was difficult on the smaller parts of the lettering even when I used only 3 strands of embroidery thread and a smaller needle. After welding the word together my silhouette software would not let me edit points. Maybe you can't within letters. If I were to do this again. I would read up and see first about edits or use a thicker font.
I liked using the small sequins on the N and R of my San Serif font, but it was so difficult to get a straight row. I'd do less of them and take more time.

I still have my journaling to do. Typically I'd just write on the pattern paper at the bottom and be done. But.... I really like the look of the layout and don't want my bad handwriting to detract from it, something I don't care about on a quicker page. I'm thinking of telling the story on the back side. Still debating.


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    1. love the way you did the fuse pocket, adding the banner bottom (is that a word?)