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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WOYWW 381 - Waiting to Get Messed Up

Hello deskers and other friends,

Today is Wednesday, which means I share what's on my workdesk. You can also see other desks by visiting Julia's blog here.

After weeks of mess, I finally cleaned up after the mess of last week.  Well, as clean as this desk gets. This is what it looked like Tuesday afternoon.

So on the top is a line of essentials that are always left out. My hot glue gun, a couple of inks, my current drink (today's black cherry sparkling water), a printout of my current challenges, my atg, and bits that seem to stay on the far  right upper corner, usually embellishments that didn't get used or have just a bit left get put here to see if they make it on the next crafty session things. In between my inks and my water are a few supplies that I took out for working on my 8x8 calendar swap. I need to get started so thought having these out would help me along. The layout in progress has been stuck under a pile for - I can't even remember how long. It's awaiting me to cut with my silhouette. I have my ATC's there as I was getting ready to mail them off. Here's the close up.

 I started with a shaving cream ink print, used an orange-ish paint with a stencil, then gesso with a different stencil, then distress ink with a different stencil and then distress ink with a rubber stamp. The image was stamped on tissue, colored with copics, and cut out. Then adhered. After drying, I applied wink of stella to the hat feathers for sparkle and the gem earring and neck brooch.

Last thing on the desk is the book in far bottom right corner, I had searched the upstairs closet, the shed, and every place I could think of looking for this book. It's the science book we were going to use this year. I found the Astronomy book that we never did. But not this book. I gave up on finding it and was researching another option online. Luckily I did not purchase anything. When I went to wake my son this morning, it was right beside his bed. He reads science and history books for fun. He reads other stuff as well - as he says he's a geek not a nerd. lol. So I took it down to start prepping the material.

It's good to have a clean desk to mess up again!  Look for next week's messy desk!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Thanks for your visit, interesting looking desk too. Glad you found the book. Love your ATC

    Happy WOYWW


  2. Glad you found the science book, could have been costly otherwise. I think I once read somewhere you home school the children.
    That is a lovely ATC that you have done, love the shaving foam technique, you can get some terrific backgrounds to work on with it. She's a gorgeous red head or should that be Titian haired lady? No, perhaps a little too red for Titian - but she is gorgeous anyway.
    Hugs, Neet 2 xx (thanks for your good wishes)

  3. Fantastic that your son reads science for fun. I wish mine did! Lovely ATC - I especially like the quote! A very well organized desk - I can never find anything on mine, LOL! Thanks for visiting earlier! zsuzsa #24

  4. Hi Lisa. Thanks for visiting me earlier. I love the finished ATC and am really pleased you've found your book.....I hate to lose anything.
    Annie x #12

  5. Totally in love with that quote and that ATC! Happy Wednesday. Sandy Leigh #30

  6. Glad you found your book! Hate it when I lose stuff. Love the ATC - great quote.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #35

  7. busy looking desk this week. I hate too lose stuff and I am always so happy when they just turn up like that. Love the ATC. Coco Chanel had a lot of worthwhile sayings like that. I got all my calendars totally finished, labeled and in the mailer to go out today. I am so glad that is a done deal! I always enjoy making them but always stress out till I get them in the mail! My calendar pages are only 6"x6" so a bit smaller then yours. I made some one year that were ATC size…too small! Thanks for visiting my desk earlier. Vickie #4

  8. Hi Lisa, Your ATC is lovely.

    Your desk looks busy.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #11

  9. Lisa, you've got me feeling a little bit guilty as I SOOOOO need to clean my desk area! Yikes! Great find on the book. My youngest would be in heaven with your son, she loves science!! I like it more now as an adult, but not so much when I was schooling! LOL I LOVE your ATC and that quote that we should ALL remember! :) Thanks for sharing that today!: ) Blessings, Felicia #44

  10. I think my son is both geek AND nerd!! He had a wide taste in reading too, isn't it fab when our youngsters are interested in life?! That ATC is great, I like the colours😃
    Hugs, LLJ 3 xx

  11. Your ATC is very creative and has lots of interest to it. Glad your son likes to read a real, hold in your hand, turn the pages book! I wish more young people would.
    Have a great WOYWW week!
    Chris #27

  12. Oh, that card is really lovely. Glad you found the book! And no matter whether he's a geek or a nerd, as long as he's doing what he loves that's all that matters. :)
    Hope #40

  13. Geek not a nerd, lol. I love that! Thanks for sharing your work area, it looks great! Dorlene #48

  14. Hi Lisa, Thanks for stopping by earlier, I am just getting around to my rounds.Love your piece, wish I had the patience to work out sucj layers! cheers, donna #8

  15. Lovely ATCs
    Survived the dentist although the numbness took ages to go and then I had to go sort an oil leak from car, really didn't need that when all I wanted to do was sleep!
    Thanks for visiting me BJ #21

  16. shaving cream ink print? Now that sounds intriguing.. something I would try so I will look it up. Maybe something to play with this weekend? Thanks for the inspiration!!! Oh, and thanks for visiting my little space on the web earlier. Hug from Holland, Marit #20

  17. Oh yeah, that thing with searching for the book...happens round here too! Your desk looks very neat and prepared if you ask if you are about to sit and create up a storm, how fab!

  18. Interesting photograph, just wondering what position you were in when you took it. The desk is nice and tidy but if you are like me it wont stay that way for long! Have a great crafty week and happy belated woyww, Angela 16

    1. Standing on a stool. I had to take one photo, then move the stool and take the other photo and then quickly moved them together in PSE.

  19. I wish my desk were that clean. I've been on a scrapping binge, and not cleaning between projects. Maybe I will organize when I think I've used up enough product.

  20. Great ATC. I have always admired Coco Chanel's way of thinking and you've honored her well. Creative Blessings! Kelly #39

  21. Funny about the book. It's great that he loves to read.
    Happy WOYWW.
    April #30

  22. Hi Lisa, thanks for leaving such lovely comments. Great ATC and so nice to know how you created all the interesting effects.
    sandra de @26