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Monday, April 25, 2016

Mondays Are For Sharing 4/25

Hurray for Monday!  OK, I know most people hate Monday's.  But Monday's are the day I share anything I've made from Wednesday through the weekend. so...Hurray for Sharing!!!

I reworked a digital layout. I used Mommyish - I'm so Fancy mini-kit and Creashens Black Tie Alphabet. My babies are so small here. They don't put on shows for me anymore. BooHoo!

There was no attempt at playing with a traditional paper layout this week.  I did keep up on my #the100dayproject of practicing hand lettering. Yay, Me! I did NOT keep up on instagramming each day. My Bad!  Here's each day.
The last 2 days have focused on block styled letters. If I get them to where I'm happy with them tomorrow, I'll add embellishment to them, like diagonal lines or crosshatches.

Also, I played in my Bible Art Journaling book. I don't have a journaling Bible and I just don't think I'd be comfortable mucking up the pages of a real Bible to where you can't read the words underneath. I highlight and pen notes and tuck things in, but that's as far as it goes. So I alter an old book for my spiritual enlightenment.

This is a page idea that came to me as I was struggling with really listening to God. He tells me to do this "x" and I grumble. Or I do it, and I grumble. Grumble, grumble grumble. It needs to stop and this is my reminder.
 My daughter thinks my ear is way off. Hey, I'm not an artist, but I know what it is. Then I created a page right after and put a tip-in of 27 verses that deal with listening to God.

A "tip-in" is when you add something into the middle or onto a page. I used washi, but you could use a strip of glue or sewing or ....whatever.

And my work in progress, page for Glory Art Scripture Challenge 2015 Challenge #1. Yeah, I'm that far behind.

My alpha stamp backs have lost their stickiness and kept falling off the blocks. Plus each set had 1 or more missing letters. Think I'll need to add some alpha stamps in a good size to my next purchase.
The inside of the shield has Proverbs 30:5 printed on the edge. The inside is just my note to myself to start each day with God. Being in His word helps me stay focused.  The page with the little bit of washi is awaiting further decoration.  Not sure what I'll end up with.

That's it for me this week. Hope to start a layout today or tomorrow.


  1. Love the Bible Journaling, I also 'dipped' my toes into it, but have not done it for a while...I have a seperate Bible to journal in..and really try to keep my stuff in the like you, I am not real comfortable covering the text.

    1. Glad to hear someone else feels that way too! i love the ones that stay in the margins and are just fancy penmanship. That's why I'm working on my penmanship now.

  2. You've been busy. Great projects.

  3. Fun layout and your journal looks beautiful.

  4. I am really enjoying all the Bible Journaling that I've been seeing--your shield is awesome!