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Friday, April 22, 2016

Funny Friday 4/22

Hurray for Friday!  Ok, it's not really a hurray here. Hubs got home yesterday afternoon and has to leave this afternoon. He's going to help our Uncle move some things and taking the boy with him. So a girls weekend, but I'm not quite up for being the center of entertainment. So I could use some laughs to get me started.  What about you? Hope these make you smile or laugh out loud depending upon the one.
 Ok, I'd keep the vegetables, but I'd definitely throw out the electric bill.

This would be waiting for Mom and from my son.

Above mentioned son. Enough said.

Have a Fantastic Friday!


  1. LOL, damn that Kon Mari! If she hasn't gotten me thanking my socks as I throw them in the trash...

    1. Yeah, I'm still a hoarder, especially on my craft supplies. We are going to start a decluttering project over the summer, but I haven't read the book.

  2. Great funnies! I really do recommend the Konmari decluttering book ;)