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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Craft Room Organization - Scraps

I used to have a huge wicker basket that anything left over from a project, including cut out stickers and notions that I thought I'd use but didn't would go into. Actually it's probably still in a box somewhere from the move.  I loved this system because you would come across an atypical color combination and like it. Definitely one I wouldn't have originally thought of.  I disliked it because it was a pain to sort through and it became super full super quick.

 Over on the Scrap Your Scraps Facebook group, Tori Bissell asked for us to share how we store our scraps.  This is one drawer of a Recollections 2-drawer cube system.

As you can see from the above photo, there are several pieces sticking up that are easily the height or larger than the drawer height of 7".  I try to put anything I believe large enough to be put as a block on a page back into the original paper storage section, and go even smaller if it's a paper pad.  However, have I mentioned before, that I'm a lazy scrapbooker? Well, my laziness extends into cleaning. So I only succeed about 80% of the time. The other 20% even those larger pieces are going to go into the scrap bin. They are sorted by colors with a 2 sections for neutrals that get lumped together. I have vellum and mixed colors where one doesn't strike me as predominate. And the very front is card bases that I've made and not used yet or the inserts for A2 cards.

Why I love my current system? I love that I've switched to only saving the very small items here. I love that I'm storing the larger items with like items as I use them more. I like that I store all of my paper pad scraps with my paper pads. I use them way more.  Constraints & Limits on the drawer space: This works so much better to know that I only have so much space for my scraps.When it starts to get to full I either need to make some cards or some scrap your scraps layouts.

I also have this octagon storage tin which is where I put those notions I've been too lazy to put away or things that I really want to try to use.  Bonus, it has a hummingbird, my favorite, on the lid.  The photo doesn't do it justice. It's so pretty, really.  This use to be on my craft desk or next to it. Now due to the set up, it actually sets behind me on these sewing drawers.  If I had all the money to create my special crafting nook, it would be shabby chic with lots of olden wooden furniture and tins and luggage and lace and old quilts and..... sorry, I got distracted.

That's how I handle my scraps.

So guess what? This drawer is pretty full!  This week, I will be challenging myself to use these scraps and one of Tori Bissell's Scrap Your Scrap video/challenges.  Play along if you'd like. You have until the end of April to link up. If you like to use your scraps or need inspiration, I highly suggest the facebook group linked above.

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  1. I've been using my scraps for recipe cards and greeting cards this week. One still wouldn't know I've taken anything out of the scrap bins, but I know there is a little less in them.