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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Craft Room Organization - Mixed Media Center

I hope yesterday's memes made you smile. I think each Wednesday I will share some of my favorites. If for no other reason that when I went to my pinterest board in search of yesterday's pins, I laughed my hiney off. And it could use a whole lot more.

I know, I know. Usually you get an overall view of the craft area first.  Well, I'm not going to do that. I'm not doing it do be difficult, I just covered the surface of my desk area with important papers through the last month, my craft desk in a project, and my stamp desk in leftovers from Calvinball (hey, it only ended 7 days ago, don't judge!). ha.

Before we go any further I have to issue this disclaimer.
**We purchases an old farm house on 40 acres. The house needs to be completed rehabbed. We started with a roof, plumbing, electric and then the master bedroom. Since moving in, we just had a contractor come in and level the house (creating very large cracks in the finished master bedroom and in the kitchen, which I'd already painted because that was the very last room we'd touch) and re-do the other 2 upstairs bedrooms and the hall with foam insulation, some more electric work and new drywall. We are putting the wood floors in ourselves. So my craft room is not a color I'd choose myself. Plus I only have part of the room (a 6.5' x 12' space). **

Disclaimer over** Onto our regularly schedule program. A tour of how I store my mixed media supplies.

If you come in the door to the craft room and look directly to the right, you'll see my craft desk and then a bookshelf that sits in the corner with the shelves open toward the desk. There are some things on this shelf that will definitely be staying put and some things that I do hope to move.  The brown arrow in the photo shows my books on the bottom shelf that I can tear things from.  The orange bag on the floor is foam stamps (mainly alphas) that I had taken to the art journaling class I taught last fall/winter and haven't figured out how/where there permanent home will be.

 My mixed media cart. I actually got 2 of these at Michael's for lower than the price of 1. I kept one at co-op with class supplies. It now resides in my basement until I teach again.  But this cart sets beside the bookshelf.
1. Basically the art supply mediums, good brushes, pippettes.
gesso (white, black, clear), texture paste, gel medium, good paintbrushes, pippettes, collage podge, lidded container of water for cleaning brushes, Daddy Van's Beeswax (sometimes good for making a page not sticky), Polymer medium. oh, and my bleach pen.
2. Tools
 rubbing alcohol, pallette knives, foam brushes and working brushes (these were the ones I took to class), texturizers (skewers, toothbrushes, etc. spray bottle of water, old key cards
3. ???? (Just sort of things that didn't fit elsewhere or that will move)
dylusional paints, course salt for texture/technique, travel bin with colored pencil, gel pens, ruler,
My brayers and wavy paper tool (corrugator) will go on pegboard once it's up, but are in here for now.
4. Spray Ink
I have more foam brushes and 1" paint brushes that were for class in here too. But I hope to move them as well.
5. Watercolor Plus other
watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons,  and watercolor tubes, plus calligraphy nibs and gelatos,
6. Acrylic Paint
This is all golden or liquitex better quality acrylics.

 This is my craft paints.  See the wall above the media cart and on the other side of the craft paint, I'm hoping to put a large pegboard there. (insert smiley face) I <3 pegboard.  I also store fabric dye here - like adironack inks, lindy stamp gang flat fabios, and my lumiere's by jacquard. Oh, and my india ink.

This is a rubbermaid 9cube organization unit. I have 2 that I put back to back. Then my hubs cut a top for it. I can stand on either side to create. This  is the mixed media side.

  1. various sponges for applying paint. This has more room. and can definitely be used more effectively.
  2. Texturizers - bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, vinyl designed table cloth piece, toilet paper roll, and a couple of lids, dry wall tape,
  3. collage material - patterns, adult coloring pages, magazines.
  4. My in progress journals
  5. Encaustic material
  6. old used tissue paper from presents and such, great collage material
  7. XYRON machine and extras
  8. extra adhesives
  9. Other mixed media pads and journals to use.
Do you art journal or paint?

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1 comment:

  1. What a neat idea to put two of the cubes together like that.

    I don't really art journal but one of these days I may. For the most part, I pretty much just use all my supplies for creating index cards for the Daisy Yellow Index card-a-day challenge during the summer.