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Friday, April 1, 2016

Calvinball Recap

My goal for Calvinball was to finish a swap which I did. And then to create 8-10 layouts.  I was hoping to work on the 2ps refugee stash and bonus and maybe the sketch challenges.  After that I hoped to tackle some much needed Christmas layouts. 

I started scrapbooking in 2002. My Christmas layouts consist of: 1 layout for my son’s first Christmas in his 1st year album; 3-4 layouts from 2013 completed in 2014/2015; and a shutterfly8x8 pre-Christmas preparation book for 2008.  As you can plainly see, Christmas representation in my albums is sorely lacking.  Pre-calvinball, I printed photos for the rest of 2013 and for 2011 in hopes of creating traditional layouts and pocket pages.

After finishing my swap, I continued to create a total of 24 layouts: 13 traditional and 11 digital.  That’s a MAJOR WIN in my book.  Woo Hoo!! Now I didn’t get to those printed Christmas photos, but those 11 digital photos are all 2014 Christmas. 

For Calvinball you get points for production and bonus points for things used, team building, and marketing.  My overall total was 201.5.  My layout total points were 172 from that 121 points were from my traditional layouts and only 51 points from digital layouts. This means my average traditional layout points were 9 and my digital were 4.6. This isn’t a huge surprise as my digital stash is not as well organized and I tend to open 1-3 kits that I think go well together and create just within those elements, using a pre-designed template. Cuz my digi skillz need some improvement, yo. (sorry, don’t know where that came from.)

I created my layouts as I normally would have, although knowing I was getting a point for using the embossing folder or a point for paint/ink, or for stenciling, definitely helped me not be lazy and include the item if I really wanted it there in the first place. The only thing it didn’t help me get over lazy wise is hand stitching. I love the look and would love to include it more, but it’s time consuming and, did I mention this already, I’m lazy. I have limited time to craft as it is, so I really want to complete my pages in a timely fashion.  

Although life also helped me out in creating those 24 pages, I was too sleep deprived to really do any major home projects (it took me a week to spring clean my living room) and my husband was traveling for 2 weeks for work.  I’ll be anxiously awaiting next year’s Calvinball and I’ll plan accordingly, so I won’t have the guilt of not doing the housework/home projects.  I highly recommend it as a motivator to create some pages. I can totally see doing something like this on our 2peas refugee board in the summer or fall.

Calvinball also gave me another idea which I'll share with you tomorrow. 


  1. That sounds like a fun challenge. I think I'll have to check it out next time!

  2. WOW! You got a ton done during Calvin Ball! Congrats! Thanks for joining my blog challenge!

  3. You were busy and very productive.

  4. I've never heard of this challenge, but it sounds like a great way to get that extra push when you need it.

  5. This is the first year that I have heard of Calvinball. The idea really intrigues me. I tend to scrap in waves as time and creativity allow. I'm wondering if this would push me to create more.

    1. Totally a great way to get that extra push