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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Craft Room Organization - The Desk & Bookshelf One

OK, OK, I know I shouldn't share this.  Please remember my disclaimer from the other day. I have a room that will be eventually remodeled, but it's last on the list. When the contractors had to break into the walls and ceiling to add extra support for the upstairs while leveling the house, I didn't have them make their dry wall patch look nice. I couldn't do the extra cost for something that will be replaced. So the messed dry wall and dark blue walls are not me.

This is why I haven't been using my silhouette cameo recently.  Since the rest of the room is piled with things that will go to other parts of the house, I can't get to my filing cabinet.  Things have just been getting piled up higher and higher. I feel like one more piece and the whole desk will topple.

So last Saturday, I took the opportunity of cleaning up some of the craft area. I started with the desk. I can now easily use my silhouette. Hurray!

I've decided that I really want a bulletin board behind my computer. It would be great to pin bills to be paid and things I want to remember. Also please note that the yellow doodled post it notes are doodles from my husband while he was working at my desk. My daughter leaves me tiny cootie catchers, little paper hats, and airplanes if she watches a show on my computer. I'm loved. Also this desk will be replaced sooner rather than later. I've seen some at goodwill, but I need a compact with a keyboard tray. (my keyboard tray is broken and beyond repair.)

This is the bookshelf that is close to my desk.

  1. The top shelf has plastic shoe boxes with ribbon, fibers, and lace. Yeah, that's a lot of ribbon. There is a black plastic drawer unit that houses foam stamps. On top of that is boxes with beads and such. A Tattered angel book that I haven't put together yet.  And the wire crate made into shelves. I've used these for in progress projects or for drying time to art journal pages and to store newer craft items to use until I integrate them into my storage. I love this. I do need a step stool to get to the top, but that's ok. These will all stay here and as is.
  2. My stories to be told and ideas.  My calendar swap calendar, which still needs to be put up, but I want to paint the base. The green wooden basket has my glue gun and deco art foil. Those have already been moved and the basket is now empty. My glue gun out on my craft desk. And I just found a spot for my laminator, so the foil moved closer to it. Next on the same shelf is spray glues and hair spray.
  3. I have video stuff, printer ink, and the red circled area is my stencils.  My stencils I would like to put a layer of duct tape around them. It helps give an extra area to protect your page, although it doesn't look pretty. Then I'll attach J-hooks to them so that I can hang them from a pegboard.
  4. A rolodex quote swap holder. My photo printer. Above the printer is a space saver shelf insert. It currently is housing all of my current Shimelle lines, especially as I await pieces of Starshine. And a few other choice pieces of currents (hello, love and finders keepers). They should be in the top shelf wire crate, but I had a huge box in the way and couldn't put them away. I think I'd like to find a better spot for "current: to use" items anyway
  5. Some white cardstock for the silhouette, printer paper, acetate, labels, Bibles, prayer binder & study things, Bible art journaling material. A handcrafted box that will go upstairs to my bedroom once the kids rooms are finished. Then onto the boxes which will possible find a new home, they contain - hot glue shapes for gelli printing, clay, beads, acrylic fragments. My light box and some various pieces that are in progress or that the kids had completed.
  6. My Silhouette shelf. All things silhouette. Only thing missing is my vinyl.
  7. The bottom shelf is various papers and then books for mixed media.
You can see the bookshelf sets next to my mixed media cart.

I'm loving sharing how I've currently gotten things arranged, as it reminds me what I want to change or what needs work. I've started a list of items that I'll need to do as a result.  Score.

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