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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Oh Look, A Project!

With a 100 year old farm house and grounds to refurbish, homeschooling the kids, my daughter's health issues, and cooking whole foods mainly from scratch (mainly, because with my daughter being off gluten and egg for the last year, I've stopped grinding my own wheat and making my own breads; although I really need to start this again and my son, at least once a week, enjoys frozen foods, canned soup, and boxed mac and cheese in his teenage hunger games). Sometimes I feel I have too much on my plate.  We've been in the farm house completely for 19 months now, with the kids & I were here off and on for a year before that. Finally, things are starting to get into a rhythm around here.  Although many home projects are on the list, I can't forget the crafting. I get a little mean if I don't have access to a crafty pursuit for a few weeks. This month, I started  #the100dayproject where my craft of choice is practicing hand lettering. Also, I'm taking part of the April blogging challenge (see the side bar). As I share my craft space and basic organization here each Thursday, I'm creating a list of projects that will need to be accomplished.  I'm also trying to prep page kits for May's Layout Challenges over at 2Peas Refugees.

Of course, other things are on the list or have already been in the works: I tend to ebb and flow in working on them.

Right now this one is getting my attention.  Putting my albums in order:

Within the last 8 months, I've purchased new classic leather 12x12 3-ring albums in strawberry for my daughters albums and in the aqua for my son's. I purchased gold albums for Christmas layouts. Before this all my albums were black and a mish-mash of makers and types (linen, vinyl, leather).  But seeing these all lined up, makes me so very happy. Seriously, it's like as happy as using my new kitchen faucet happy - and that's extremely happy! I'm debating orange for my stories or for my side of the family stories (my bil likes orange too). I think navy for hubs. I'm thinking a couple of brown ones for our zoo pages.  Maybe coral for the ones about me and hubs.  I was thinking kiwi for my husband's side of the family, because one nephew's favorite color is green, but I really want them for our everyday family albums. The first thing to stop me was the cost, I should wait a bit, save up. So I waited, then I realized I should get my albums in order first. I have taken pages out for various other projects and not put them back, and I have not printed digital pages since 2009. This past weekend I ordered all of those digital layouts that I've been meaning to print and hadn't. In a couple of weeks, when the prints arrive, I'll start the process of inputting everything into the right album and going through to look for gaps and to see if anything needs a separate album.  The idea makes me think, 'oh, another project' in a not so fun and thrilling way and has me giddy with excitement all at the same time. Although it's an ongoing project and it may take me a year or two to get all of the albums and to get it switched over, I know it will give me great pleasure to see various colored albums standing nicely in a row.

Do you have a list of crafty projects?


  1. I've thought about replacing all my albums, but I am so frugal. I love how they all look lined up and orderly. I love your meme - it is so me.

  2. Those albums look lovely. I have quite a few post bound and a couple of D-rings, but I can't decide which I prefer.

  3. My list of projects is very long...I may need to make short list. :)

  4. Love the look of your arranged albums.

  5. I was thinking about this the other day. My albums are all different styles and colors. For some reason I just can't make myself order matching albums. In fact, I have 2 in a cart... they are different colors. I just know at some point I will change my mind and start all over again.

  6. Oh that meme is perfection! I'd love to have some type of order to my albums but I change my mind too often.