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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Calvinball Take Aways and final digi layouts.

As one who likes to mix it up in my scrapbooking, I’ve always taken pride that I can make a very simple page or a very heavily embellished page; that my page backgrounds could be patterned, colored cardstock, dark, kraft, white/cream; that I can use wet media or not; that my pages didn’t always look the same. –So -- My take away from Calvinball for traditional pages is how I create a page with less lazy factors thrown in.

  • -         On almost 70% of my layouts I used my own handwriting, at least 5 patterned papers, and had at least 15 elements on the page, and some form of shine.
  • -         On about 45% of my layouts I used a punch (not a die cut), stamping, veneer, paint/ink.

Since I was not letting the bonus point rules dictate what/how I created, I found this interesting and thought it would be a great to tweak it so that I could see how I use my supplies and what I truly use. Because although I do use doilies and washi and other things, I don’t frequently use them in the quantities that were needed for points on most of my layouts.  My electronic cutter is used frequently or my manual die cutter and those items weren’t tracked during this adventure at all. Neither was my twine usage, which I know at least 2 or 3 layouts had.

So I’m thinking of a checklist that I could check off items used per layout, maybe using hash marks if I decide to be analog or just upping the number manually in an excel spreadsheet. I’ll be working on it this month. I see it as a way to say, "hey, I haven't used a rub-on, I need to do so." or "all of my layouts have had pattern paper backgrounds lately, it's time to mix it up."

And here are my final digi layouts.


 Now to find the best place to print them. Plus I have the last few years of digi layouts that haven't been printed (whistling while looking innocent).

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  1. What a wonderful collection of layouts - awesome job ;)