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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Craft Room - Scrap Side

From my previous posts you can see the general layout of my little space.

and oh, yeah, I forgot the disclaimer.  You know the drill by now, but I gotta include it. I have a room that will be eventually remodeled, but it's last on the list. When the contractors had to break into the walls and ceiling to add extra support for the upstairs while leveling the house, I didn't have them make their dry wall patch look nice. I couldn't do the extra cost for something that will be replaced. So the messed dry wall and dark blue walls are not me.

So this is is my scrap side of the desk.

 The cube system on the scrap side. Don't mind the taped bag to the floor. There is a vent that goes directly to the basement in the middle of the floor without anything to attach to it on the other side. We taped as many holes while the contractors were down there jacking up the house in December. When the floors get redone in here the hole will go away. But I like the bag there as I don't lose die cuts and small bits down to the basement. On to what's in the brown cubes.

The top left cube has doilies and silhouette die cuts, tissue tape, and smaller mistables.
The top middle cube comprises folders cut to size inside and are labeled: girl, boy, religious, school/office, envelopes, etc. plus all of my rub-ons are in there.
The top right cube houses all things flower: dies, punches, and flowers of all shapes and sizes.
The middle left cube is empty.
The middle middle cube contains clear stamps of various types.
The middle right cube holds religious stamps.
The bottom left cube includes embroidery floss and tulle and burlap.
The bottom middle cube is naked chipboard.
The bottom right cube alphabet stickers.

Note: My stamps could use a bit more organization. I have been thinking of taking them apart and grouping them by type. All arrows together, all hearts, all cameras, all flourishes, all stars, etc.  I've only ever heard of one other person doing it this way, Aeryn Kelly. She shows it in this video and the stamp section is around 16:20. So it'll go on my list of things to do. I would want to know who the manufacturer and what set they are from though.

My jetmax and recollection cubes set on rolling planter stands so I can move them around easily.

From top to bottom:
From left to right: 
all things heart including dies (excluding punches)
all things stars including dies  (excluding punches
slick writers for fabric and paper, pearls, alcohol inks, stickles, and distress reinkers.

Note: I see that my heart and stars don't include the punches. For the stars there is easily room to include them. For the hearts, I may need to include another drawer for hearts or think of a different space for them. Hearts are one of my go to embellishments.

The first 2 smaller drawers are all die cuts and stickers and newer ephemera
The larger drawer houses stampin' up reinkers. then labels, arrows, tabs, frames, and tags. I use the very back part to hold small things that are presents for the kids (currently a video for my son is in there).  You can never have too many hiding spots.

All things dragon for my son, acorn for my hubs, and owl for my daughter.
Scrap paper.

 All things butterfly including dies and punches. This is packed full.
Wine corks. (I said I was going to make trivets with them when I started saving them. It's been over 4 years, and I have yet to make a one.)
Embossing supplies, flock, pearl ex, mica powders.

Overall I'm fairly happy with this set up. While standing at the craft desk, if I turn right I'm directly in reach of all my paper. If I turn around I have my dies and sizzix, my markers, 6x6, embossing folders, and bling from the bookcase.  Keep turning or turn to the left, I get to my stamping station and my peg board on the top with the smaller embellies.

Still a work in progress, but I definitely have found some things that work for me.  Does your space work for you?

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  1. it is a great setup, love that you added a 'hiding spot'. And I also have a collection of corks, when you figure out how to make trivets, let me know