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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Great Card Dilemma

When I have a project that I’m not crazy about doing and the project NEEDS to be completed, I find my desire to do so is NULL and VOID.  My creative juices are right out the window. How do I combat such negative feelings for a project and no mojo – why, Pinterest, of course. 

This week we have 5 children in my son’s catechism class graduating.  Fantastic. However, that means I need 5 cards for said individuals. One, I’m not real crazy about card making anyway. Two, I really just want to work on layouts and ATCs.   Of course, I have to do these. So I pulled card ideas from Pinterest. 

With all of these great cards for inspiration, maybe something will hit me. If not, I'll be scraplifting a few of these.

These are the cards I pulled using the Darice embossing folder cross, which I have coming today.

By far this is my favorite one. 

These next ones mainly use a stamp set by Stampin' Up! But not all. I don't have the stamp set, but could probably mimic the look somewhat of the Simple Cross.

 My second favorite in this group. Love the background and the lines coming out from the cross. Those could be penned, stitched or just use one line of embroidery floss. Of course, the butterfly makes it a win in my book.

I love the colors on this one, but also how the cross and sentiment has the ribbon in between. 

I think this is my favorite.

These would require me to use my silhouette cameo for the crosses.

Love the inky background and the faith 

If I find a free embellished cross design, I could print it and foil it.  I LOVE foiling!!
This one would be super easy to duplicate.

 These are just great cards.
I have the Lord's Blessing stamp already.  

Some really great inspiration. Now if I can just get motivated or inspired in some way.  This will be what's going on every chance I get today. Unless I put it off, because I don't really want to do it.....Which totally sounds like me.

What do you do when no motivation strikes or you have a project to do that you're really not that into?


  1. Like you, when I'm struggling I head to Pinterest. You've found some very pretty inspiration so hopefully that will help you to get your cards made. Sometimes participating in challenges can be a good way to help motivate yourself too. :)

  2. so pretty and inspirational. I do want/need that embossing folder now.

    No motivation or mojo for a must do...hmmmmm....honestly, I would probably go with store bought...but I like your idea better.

    1. I like the store bought idea better. I'd probably go that route if it were just one, but for 5 cards I can't justify the cost when I have a room full of supplies.

  3. I usually head to Pinterest for inspiration. You have some great cards there to choose from.

  4. beautiful cards and yes, Pinterest is a mine of inspiration. I recently set up a couple of boards myself and it can be quite addictive trying to keep adding projects.