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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Joys of Country Life

What's Up This Week?

I didn't do WITL, but I'm wishing I did.

We started working on my daughter's bedroom flooring on Thursday.

I took this after a couple of rows yesterday.  We are actually now past where the air compressor is setting in this photo. We're hoping to finish it today!! My daughter is SUPER excited. I will then clean and polish the floor and possibly tomorrow or Monday we can move the temporary bed in there.  Then hubs and I can do the hallway.....

Then, yesterday evening, my son was using the push mower. As he cut a line up by the grape vines,
he stopped, yelling, excitedly. Baby bunnies were scattering. He was afraid he had hurt them. But he didn't! He and hubs both caught one.

 and we were able to get my sick daughter out of the house for a bit. 

Aren't the bunnies so cute?

As they were letting the bunnies go, they asked, "if they come to the door can we keep them?" Yes, if they come knocking at the door, we can keep them. Hubs said "oh, no, you know one of them is going back out there later and bring them to the front door." hahaha Yeah, that sounds like something my kids would think of. 

On Thursday afternoon, hubs and I went looking for morels in the woods. It's a rough year for morels here. There just hasn't been enough rain. We had a small batch a couple of weeks ago, and I burned them. Yes, I know. I wanted to cry. -- After not finding any, we headed to the trail cam and hubs brought it in so I could download his photos. We typically see birds, squirrels, deer. Last time we saw the bobcat. This time....
Mr. or Mrs. Bear has visited 2x this week.   

Hubs asked if I was scared. Nope, not from the bear. The bobcat, well, that's a different story.

The joys of country life.


  1. ahhh, the joys. I think the bears would give me a scare though. Bunnies are too cute. We have them also, we have actually become a 'rabbit ranch' as my older dogs no longer chase them. They have become very brave, sometimes even hanging out on my lawn.

    1. Awe. that would be great. We had a squirrel that would come scratch at the door to be fed until we got our dog.

  2. How wonderful to live near such wildlife. Those bunnies are gorgeous .