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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WOYWW 363 - Cards, Cards, and More Cards

What's On Your Workdesk? Want to play? Hop on over to see Julia at the Stamping Ground and find all the information you need.

What's on my workdesk?

Lots and lots of crap. Yes, I'm working on cards just on top of this. my glue gun, purple scraps from a layout a few days ago, my silhouette mat and you can see a couple of homemade midori books, ruler, mister and dylusional inks (ATC swap cards), the paper I was using for the first card and a silhouette cut cross, my xacto knife box and a knife laying beside it, scissors, the negative space cutouts which I'm going to use to ink a background, the beginnings of color for some ATC swap cards, religious stamp set on top of all the new things from last week that still haven't been put away, more of the paper I was using with painters tape and dimensional tape on top, paper cutter, card bases, sanding block, and a bit more.

The good news "My Great Card Dilemma" from yesterday is being worked upon. Two of the five catechism confirmation cards are complete. They are complete lifts of other cards, but by doing so, it has pumped some juices and the next card I'm working on, will not be a lift.  Hope to get the other 3 cards finished today, now that I'm not whining about having to do them and not procrastinating them. Here's a closer look:

I may redo the top of the Praise the Lord card, one I stamped after putting on the dimensional tape and two I used the stamping press (I think by Martha Stewart) and those little feet always get dirty and smudge my project. You can see the yuck in the corner of the cross on the white. I tried correction fluid to make it disappear, I may try a dove, but if it doesn't work, I'll redo.

I got to everyone before me last week, but not to everyone behind. Sorry. I will be visiting desks today and Friday this week, and I hope to get everyone. We're hoping to knock out the hardwood floors in my daughter's room on Thurday, so I doubt much else will get finished.

I've also corrected my profile so that you can get to my email. So if you want to swap, you can now contact me.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. adorable cards, is that washi behind the open one? Hope the dove works, cuz it is just too cute.

    1. It's strips of 6x6 pp pad from Michaels. But washi would definitely work and was the first thing I looked at.

  2. Oh I don't know - I didn't think your desk looked THAT bad, lol!!! It looks like someone who's been having a whirlwind of a crafting session. Both cards are great but I really like the negative version of the cross with the rainbow background :-)
    Thanks for the support today,
    Hugs, LLJ xxxx

  3. lovely confirmation cards, thought it was Easter in your house at first - LOL Thanks for visiting me. Happy WOYWW BJ#15

  4. OOps numbers have changed, I'm now #14 and you hadn't visited me after all sorry for any confusion - LOL - BJ#14

  5. Hi Lisa, lovely cards. I agree, it's so annoying to get finished, and find a smudge. Hopefully the embellie will hide it. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #2 xxx

  6. Lovely cards being made there. Well done.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  7. Nice cards. I may have to lift the one with the scraps under the cut out. That is so fun.

  8. Those cards are lovely! What a shame about the smudge. I get that problem too and then I am loathe to redo but eventually I always end up re-doing. Bother! I hope you find a little embellishment to hide it.
    have a good week,

  9. Great cards. Darn it for the smudge. I hate it when that happens. I usually do it with my distress inked fingers. I've taken to making sure I wipe with baby wipes before touching my cards lol.

    Have a great week
    Sharon k #45

  10. Very cool cards. My fave is the one on the left. I hate it when I smudge and my fingers seems to be inky a lot. I keep my cleaning rag very close! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #44

  11. Very beautiful cards!
    Have an inspiring t our on WOYWW!
    Sussie nr 16

  12. Gorgeous card designs, hope you are having a good week. I'm on catch-up this week. Happy belated woyww, Angela xXx

  13. Great cards you could always add some white flowers to cover the messy feet up too ?
    Happy late WOYWW hugs Nikki C
    if you have time send me your snail mail and I'll pop and ATC off to you too

    1. Great idea with the flowers. I'll send you a note.