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Monday, May 30, 2016

Enjoy, but Remember

I've been using what little free time lately working on some ATCs for a swap. I'll show them off on Wednesday. But yesterday morning before church I pulled out a page kit and started a layout.  It felt so good to be working on a layout. I finished it up, except for my journaling which is going to go around the aqua pattern paper mat. I put this together for the 2peas refugee sketch challenge.

Sonshine and I went walking at a little preserve near our church. I just wanted to get a few of my steps in before we went to run our errands. I ended up with all of them in. woo hoo. ...and we had this for scenery.

We bought the bedroom furniture for both Sonshine and Princess, went to the library, and hit the grocery store before heading for home.  It was a good day with some fun things and some productive things.  Hubs was going to make steaks for dinner (always a plus when I don't have to cook), but he had another surprise. Princess was actually feeling good yesterday and they went to the local auction/flea market. He bought me ...

2 shoe boxes full of stamps and a bag full.  He paid more than I would have, but it was so super sweet that he did. Just like getting flowers for most ladies. He thought what I couldn't use would be good to use for my homeschool coop classes.  Then I wouldn't have to worry about if they got ruined.  See, super sweet.  In the bag, there is an American flag.  Perfect for Memorial Day! 

Since it is Memorial Day, which is a day set aside to remember those who have died in battle, I thank all of those military personnel from today to years past and their families.  So while enjoying the day with your family and friends, take a moment to remember the sacrifices made for our freedoms and liberties.



  1. What fun photos in your layout and how lovely that your Hubs bought you such a thoughtful surprise.

  2. aah, what a great surprise, how fun it will be to go through these treasures

  3. Cute layout and fun page design, Lisa! Looks like it was a nice day for a walk and what a great surprise from your hubs!

  4. I like how you put that layout on the diagonal. The contrast with the black is perfect.