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Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday's are for Sharing 5/2

Welcome to the first Monday in May! Over at 2peas refugees we had such a good time with our April blogging challenge that we decided to continue into May! Hurrah! If you want to join in or go see the other participants, check here.

I'd love to say that I have lots of layouts and projects to share today, but I haven't accomplished much in the new creation category this week.  I put together page kits for the 2peas refugees May crafting challenge. We're challenging ourselves to spend more crafting time than we normally would - whether it be scanning photos, organizing your room, or creating something. We have a thread with prompts that anyone can post to and every day a challenge is brought to the forefront of our attention by some wonderful peas.
The back bucket is all Christmas and the front is all papers and photos. I have collection kits or paper pads in some with multiple photos that would go with those papers. There are still a few photos on my desk and a few that need to be printed on a flash drive that is already in my purse so I don't forget it next time I go to town.

Also, I received my digital layout prints that I ordered

Everything from 2010 to current. 

Quite the stack, eh?

So, of course, I jumped quickly into separating the traditional and digital layouts that where not in albums into the correct pile for their corresponding albums. 

Then the next day, I took the everyday life album pages and separated by year. First note: I scrapbook whatever, whenever, but keep chronological. Second note: Before 2010, I printed my photos and put them into the albums in 6-up pocket pages for storage. Next, I pulled out photos that had layouts and didn't need extra photos hanging around and pulled photos out that I thought I'd either make a layout for or should be in a different album, and filled in the pockets of those photos that I thought needed to stay, finishing 5 pocket pages front and back before calling it quits for the day.  I found the process more cumbersome than I had expected, but I know it will be worth it in the end.

 I should also say that I, mostly,didn't worry if about the orientation. So my portrait photos are in the horizontal 6up page protectors. My one exception was my husband throwing pizza dough. I actually have a page in his album with him doing this, but I wanted to keep the other photos in the everyday family life section too.  I think cutting them in half draws more attention to him throwing the dough.

(sorry about the photo quality in all of them. I'm working at the kitchen table and took the photos at night and first thing in the morning.

I've missed yesterday on my #the100day project, but I'm just going to keep going and do a page today. I still want to practice whole alphabets, but I think I'll work on quotes or inspirational sayings as well.  I'm done trying my hand at watercolor brush writing, that will need to be it's own 100 day project. Yeah, it's that bad.

So this was my last week of crafting. It was more organizational activities, but it all counts. How was your crafting week?