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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hoping To Get Crafty

Hello Tuesday, Wait! Where did Monday go? Heck, where did my last 5 days go?  With all of the home chores going on, whenever there is a break, hubs heads to my computer. I either head to the kitchen to cook or to sit with the kids. The life of a mom, right?! 

Here's what's happened over the weekend.  Laying the hardwoods in dd's bedroom, we came to the closet, where my hubs banished me from helping. There just isn't enough room for us both to work in there. I was so sore from the previous 2 days that although I felt bad for not getting to help, I was also relieved to be out of it.

I was able to finish my catechism confirmation cards. I ended up deciding that I should make all of them the same. The only change was pink pp for the only girl that was graduating and the ribbon on her card. I used TH walnut stain distress ink and a blending tool to rub the ink into the depressed area on the embossing folder which gives a very slight outline to the letters. It's little things like that which makes a difference I think.

 My son decided to make a pond. He's hoping to get ducks. The fencing to the left is where the chicken coop and rabbits will be, so we told him, we could just add a fence for the ducks there if he dug it out. We also told him that's an all summer project with a shovel, but what a story to tell his own children and grandchildren.

On Saturday afternoon, we all took breaks from what we were doing, to help the princess put in her strawberry terrace.  It has a sprinkler that comes up through the middle tier. It also has a net and a frost protection cover. After it's completion, she was talking about putting flowers around the bottom tier. Hubs suggested paving stones and curved benches with flower pots in between.
By the end of yesterday, we had great plans for the whole area.  From this picture you see the brambles of several trees we took down last fall behind her. There is a ridge there and our fire pit. We've just been burning out the walnut stump in the orchard that my son took down earlier this year, thus the bramble remains. Hubs and princess decided yesterday to do a stairway, pave stone the entire top and put the grill out here as well. Also a bench along side the shed and some other seating besides the curved benches. Another project for the list, but it won't be attacked this year.

I, on the other hand, went to town and home depot yesterday. I bought 4 citronella plants for the front porch at a different store, but found the cedar barrel looking planter pots at Home Depot. I didn't buy them as I wanted to run the cost by hubs. But my biggest take-away was that I wanted him to build me long rectangular boxes for the bottom sides of the porch that have the cedar barrel look. I want to place my herb garden there. It's right off the porch for easy access while cooking, and it'll be contained.   Lots of ideas.

Back to Saturday, we actually had real food to eat instead of quick fixes, including the lovely morels hubs had bought to cheer me up from burning our own small findings.They were huge and Princess stood next to me the entire time. I teased her that she was just there to make sure I didn't burn them again. Really she just couldn't wait for them to be finished.

Sunday, after church and the catechism confirmation potluck, I made them go to the furniture store to look before I let them go fishing. We didn't move Sonshine's bedroom set, but sold it at our garage sale. It was time for a better quality set and more mature set.  He liked this one. Really it was the dresser that her really liked.

For him, it's really about finding a nice desk, which he did. I like that there is matching bookcases.
I'm wondering if the mix of the 2 woods is too much with our natural hickory flooring and 2 toned trim to boot???

Princess, who wanted a loft bed built and would not be swayed off. Found this lovely daybed with trundle that changed her mind.  The cincher for this bed was when she asked if she got it, could she get the sheer canopy that circles around the bed. Of course you can. Done. 

My job this week will be to measure out each of the furniture pieces placing them in their rooms so they can see what the footprint will be before I actually order the furniture. 

As you can see, not much in the way of crafty goodness has been happening in my life. But with my cards out of the way, I get to play with the ATC swap ones which I've already started and have been enjoying. Plus I want to get some layouts made this week, I still haven't completed the Scrap Our Stash blog sketch challenge or the 2peas refugee sketch challenge. Still hoping to get them completed this week.

- I still have one home chore that must be done today, mowing. It's suppose to rain starting tomorrow. We really need it, so I'm hoping and praying it does. I'm also hoping that the rain will make the morels pop as they've been sparse this year.

OK, off to start my day so I can get crafty.

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