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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WOYWW 364 -7th Anniversary

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday is the brain child of Julia over at the Stamping Ground.  Today is the 7th year anniversary of showing off your crafty goodness every Wednesday.  Although Julia is out of commission for the next couple of weeks, Workdesk Wednesday does not stop. Lunch Lady Jan is hosting and you can find the link-ups there today.

My workdesk:

The last person to use my workdesk was my daughter. Thus her owl notepad and the bottles of spray inks are all haphazardly turned over and not upright setting nicely on the side. The scissors aren't in their spot. But the rest of the mess was from my last crafting.  Oh, and she left my mat all gross. Bleh!! 

I am still working on my ATCs. I was hoping to have them completed today, but home chores, and cards that needed to be handed out last Sunday, took over my life since last Wednesday.  -- It's also the reason I have not visited many desks from last week. My sincerest apologies. I will do better this week. --   I have set aside Thursday and Friday if needed to finish up these cards.  You can see a couple of bases on the desk. Some others are on the stamping desk.  They all still need to be adhered to some chipboard and have their backs put on.

Mine will be posted either Friday or Saturday of this week.

These are the people I know I'll be swapping with now, but I can swap with more if there are more interested. You can email me (in my profile on the sidebar or leave a comment).

I have
1. SylviaH
2. Annie P and (thus twiglet Still need her address)
3. Nikki C
4. Shaz B
5. Debbie R
6. Lisca M
7. Kelly (whom I think I archived the gmail instead of putting it in the folder, sometimes I’m not the brightest bulb, so I’ll need to get again.)

  Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Smashing workspace and owl notebook!

    Happy 7th Anniversary WOYWW


  2. Happy 7th WOYWW!! Thanks for joining in the desky madness today, your's is looking very creative indeed! That owl notebook made me smile, it's cute :-D
    Hugs, LLJ xxx

  3. How lovely to have your daughter have some arty fun. Mine have left home now and I miss all that. Happy WOYWW birthday x Jackie #31

  4. Hi Lisa, can you email me your addy please, so I can pop your ATC in the post? Email link to me is in my sidebar. Love the desk shot! Have a great week, Happy Anniversary, Hugs, Shaz #8 xx

    1. Sorry, Shaz, I thought I had. Will do that now.

  5. Your desk looks great! I love the owl notebook of your daughters. They are so cute. Glad she's having crafty fun at your desk too. I'm the one who will be sending you an ATC. I will email you.

    Happy WOYWW anniversary
    Sharon k #43

    1. Actually my email is not set up for the one on your blog. Could you please email me at Ipswich2 at aol dot com.


  6. Great desk and well, I don't think any of us ever has enough time! Happy Anniversary!! Cindy #48 xx

  7. Wow your space is busy this week and I agree GMAIL can be a real YITCH at times :) HAPPY WOYWW #7 hugs Nikki 1

  8. That desk is very's good to see your creativity is rubbing off on your daughter. Elaine no. 33

  9. So love a busy desk, there are always unexpected surprises to find. Wishing you a happy 7th woyww anniversary, Angela x 30

  10. Lisa, I LOVE how you not only allow your daughter to play on your desk, you assign the mess to her! Grin... I just sent you an email with an ATC swap request, I hope you have one left! Happy 7th WOYWW Anniversary! Scrapbook Lynne Mizera WOYWW #58

  11. Hi Lynne - I am determined to get round all the desks in celebration of the fun we have with all our mad WOYWW friends so here I am! Happy 7th WOYWW anniversary - here's to many more! x Jo #19 PS Annie P is my sister so just post our two ATCs together if that's Ok. I posted yours from us both yesterday.

  12. I have no one but me to blame for my messy desk!
    Happy anniversary!!
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #2

  13. Happy, happy 7th anniversary WOYWW and thanks for your visit! You're a nice Mom to let your daughter use your stuff, unsupervised, even. I'm too obsessive-compulsive, I guess. lol ~ Laura #47

  14. Hi Lisa! Thanks for popping over earlier! Your desk certainly looks very busy. Hope you'll have time to complete your ATCs over the weekend! Sometimes you commit yourself and then run out of time - always happens to me too!

  15. You are very brave letting other people use your studio and suffering the consquences lol! I don't even let the cats in mine... As Diane (Futrell) says, the untidiness of mine is entirely down to me so I can't blame anyone else!! Thank you for all your good wishes, and I'm glad you like my flower boxes.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #49

  16. I can always tell when someone has been working at my desk besides me. There are subtle indications. :-)
    April #40

  17. It is always lovely to see what a great mess kids can make in our craft room. Actually I am know to turn it all upside down and only produce 1 card. Thanks for the lovely visit.
    sandra de @37

  18. Happy belated 7th WOYWW anniversary loving your desk and yup kids sure know how to leave a mess from where they have been. Right now on my desk it's just my mess which it is clean up tomorrow and dust. Love your desk full of goodies. Have a great day. Hugs ~Anne L#3

  19. HI Lisa! I just sent you an email, kiddo. Thanks for your patience while I rode out the silly thunderstorms/ rain we've had an abundance of. I should be posting my on Friday Creative Blessings! Kelly #50