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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Digital vs. Traditional Scrapbooking

What's your preference? Do you only do one? Or do you do both with a strong leaning towards one side?

There are pros and cons of each type.

My Pros for Digital Pages

  • I typically use templates which makes scrapbooking much quicker.  
  • I love the look of blended photos on some pages.
  • Once you buy the supply, you can use it over and over. 
  • You can change the size of embellishments and the color.
  • Since it prints flat, it takes up less room in your albums.

My Cons for Digital Pages

  • The pages are flat. No tactile texture, only visual.
  • Tied to the computer to work.
  • New items are released weekly not seasonally which can be more expensive.

My Pros for Traditional Pages

  • Tactile pages. Oh, my!! How I love this.
  • Love of the creative process. 
  • Can include mixed media
  • Can include your own handwriting.
  • I have a more varied style from my digital pages.

My Cons for Traditional Pages

  • Supplies cost more.
  • Once you use a supply, it's gone.
  • You need space for storing your supplies and for crafting.
  • You have to upload and have your pages printed and mailed to you.

Me, I do both. I lean toward Traditional or Hybrid scrapping, the creative process for me is so much more satisfying. However, when I really don't have time for traditional, I love that I can get my stories documented with digital. When I feel really bogged down, I turn to digital as well.


  1. I haven't ever done digital scrapping. I like the look, but I am such a paste eater that I need to touch everything.

  2. I've recently been using the Project Life app for some layouts, but like you I will never leave the traditional paper behind.

  3. I love your traditional layout in your post, but also your digital! You are so good at both!

  4. Lovely pages Lisa but I don't think I could ever go digi, too keen on get my hands mucky and sticky. I love the feel and look of stuff mounted together and it just doesn't feel the same but then I said I would never go from hand to machine knitting and you know what I did and was completely won over! Thanks for the visit to mine and have a great woyww,
    Angela x 23

  5. Since I am techno challenged, traditional for me. I did try a photshop elements, but just could not figure out the 'layering'. Love the look of digital!!

  6. I've tried digital scrapbooking, but I really love the tactile aspect of traditional scrapping. Luckily (?) I have enough supplies to keep scrapping for years . . .